Play Sharp ShooterSharp Shooter and Six Shooter are two dice games exclusive to G’day Casino. The two games are quite similar in their basic structure, but have their slight and refreshing variations.

The rules of both titles are easy to understand, so beginners will have no issues grasping the aim of the games, and can always practice for free prior to playing with real Australian currency.

If you are new to dice games, Sharp Shooter (played with three dice) is a good place to learn the basics, before moving on to the Six Shooter which is more involved (played with six dice), but arguably more exciting.

Where To Play Sharp Shooter and Six Shooter

Here’s a short clip of both games:

How to play Sharp Shooter

1. Select your preferred chip value to start the game from a row of options along the bottom of the screen. Sharp Shooter chip values range from $0.20 – $50.00. You only need to place one chip to begin the game but you can bet virtually any amount by adding as many chips of varying values as you want. Before starting, you may clear and replace chips if you want to remove your wager. To start the game you press the ‘Roll’ button.

2. The first roll of the three dice is for the croupier. These dice will display the targets you’ll be trying to roll in order to win your game. The roll of all dice are governed by tested random number generators (RNGs) and results are left entirely to chance.

3.After you roll the first three dice for the croupier, a new ‘Roll’ button will pop up on your screen. The aim now is to roll the exact same numbers as the croupier in no more than three sets of rolls, rolling three dice each time.

Note in Sharp Shooter, each of the dice you roll can only eliminate one of the croupier’s matching numbers. For example, if the croupier has rolled a 3, 5 and another 5, and you roll a 5, 2 and 6 on your first go, you’ll still need to match another five and the three.

Once the dice you roll have settled, any matches with the croupier’s numbers will be highlighted and then fade so you can keep track of your progress. Depending on which round of rolls you manage to match the croupier’s numbers, this will determine your payout.

4. At the end of the rounds the game will display your winnings if you are successful.If you don’t manage to match all number in your three rolls, the croupier wins and you lose your wager.

5. At the conclusion of the round, three options will pop up on the screen, allowing you to have another go at the game quickly and efficiently. You can either; re-bet the exact same amount you just gambled with, re-bet x2 which doubles your previous chip amount and immediately starts the game again, or alternatively, you can click new bet which let’s you pick all your chips for the new game.

How to play Six Shooter

1. You need to place your wager before starting the game. Chips range from $0.20AUD-$50.00AUD and you can place a max betting total of $303.00 on the table per game.

Six Shooter

Roll six dice in Six Shooter, but match multiples of the same numbers at once.

2. Hit the roll button to begin the game – this is the croupier’s roll. Unlike Sharp Shooter where the croupier only rolls three dice, the croupier in Six Shooter will be rolling six dice. This means you have more dice to match in your rolls.

3. Now it’s your turn. This part of the game is the same as Sharp Shooter. You have three rounds of rolling the three standard dice to try and match the numbers the croupier originally rolled. This is more difficult, but the odds are more rewarding in Six Shooter.

Note in Six Shooter, each of the dice you roll can eliminate multiple instances of the croupier’s numbers (unlike Sharp Shooter). For example, if the croupier has rolled a 2, 3, 3, 3, 5 and 6, and you roll a 2, 3 and 6 on your first go, you only need to match the 5 within your final two rolls.

Your winnings will be collected at the end of your three rolls. If you don’t match all numbers within three rolls, the croupier wins. After the game you will be presented with the option to re-bet, double your previous bets or to create an entirely new betting amount.

Shooter Games Online Software Provider and Verdict

Both games have high quality graphics and are set on your standard gambling table, showing the dice as they roll, which makes for exciting play as you wait for the dice to land. There isn’t anything overly fancy in the interface, so things are kept nice and simple. NYXGaming, the software producers of both games, have created classic settings for classic games. The background sounds are also simple, so you’re free to focus on the game at hand. Both shooter games retain that enjoyable and come-back-again aspect you look for in online titles. The objective of the titles are clear – you’re trying to match the numbers the croupier rolled, and the quicker you do this the more you win. There are no overly complicated rules that drag down the pace of the game.

While it is slightly more difficult to beat the croupier in Six Shooter, you are repaid handsomely if you’re successful. Six Shooter is also arguably more exciting because if the croupier rolls multiples of one number, all you need is one of your die to show that number, and you instantly wipe out all matching values, netting you better payouts.

Sharp Shooter is an easier game to win, which is why the payouts are slightly less. If your preferred punting style is more relaxed, this could be the way to go.


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