PotShot Soccer GamePotShot is an interactive soccer game you can now play exclusively at G’day Casino.

A mix of pinball and shoot-out football, software developer SIA has done a great job creating a responsive game that doesn’t lag, with graphics that are simple but run flawlessly.

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PotShot will appeal to those interested in sports games, shooting games and other arcade-style games, and certainly to football fanatics. Sign up for a G’day account via the above link and you can practice the title for free to get a grasp on how to play.

How to Play PotShot

Below we detail the rules of how to play the entertaining game of PotShot:

1. Determine the amount you wish to wager. Select the number of balls you want to shoot for the next round and put a dollar value on each ball. The maximum number of balls you can play is 99, and the maximum dollar amount you can spend all up is $1,600. Per ball values start from $AUD 0.10. Adjust your per ball price and number of balls played to suit your desired expenditure level.

2. Next select an obstacle formation. These are your playing fields, each with stationary obstacles that stay for the whole round. These obstacles are there to make it harder for you to win money, so pick your level of difficulty carefully. Choose from; Rookie, Intermediate or Pro.

3. Each field has three goals you are aiming to shoot at. In the ‘Rookie’ level, your three goals are valued at x5, x15 and x10. The next two levels are slightly more difficult, and valued at x10, x20 and x10 for Intermediate and x10, x20 and x15 for Pro. Shoot as many of your balls into the goals as possible. A successful goal will do two things: return you the value of your price per ball multiplied by the amount of the goal value, and it will also load additional balls (at the value of the goal amount) to your barrel for the next round.

4. Click ‘play’ to start the game!

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5. Once the game has starts, you shooter will move from left to right. Click shoot to release the balls from the shooter one at a time. This part of the game is very reminiscent of a pinball machine. Your soccer balls will bounce off the obstacles scattered on the field. Try and shoot the balls in a path that will cause them to bounce into the goals. Each time a goal is scored, cheering will sound to let you know you’ve been successful.

6. After you have shot all your balls, your win amount will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You now have two options. Choosing ‘load’ will reload the amount of balls you just won back into the game so you have the chance to win more.

For example, if you spent $50 at $1 per ball, and only win $40 (and thus 40 balls), you could load those 40 again at no extra cost, an attempt to win more. The ‘load’ option will use the amounts of balls at the same value rate you originally selected for the previous round. Alternatively, you can click ‘collect’ to cash out, and this will transfer your funds back to your G’day Casino account.

PotShot Verdict

If you like sports video games, classic arcade games or shooting games, PotShot will be right up your alley. The shooter shoots as soon as you click and the gameplay does not lag. Many games on Web casinos are lulling and relaxing; PotShot, on the other hand, is action-packed and interactive, which can make for a nice change.

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