Casinos Austria outlines more detail about its Nagasaki integrated resort plan

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Japanese PM heralds future integrated resorts as tourism drivers

A summary of the proposed integrated resort in Nagasaki has been released by prospective firm Casinos Austria.

Inside Asian Gaming reports that the proposal outlines the strengths of Casinos Austria International, which is one-third owned by the Austrian government, including know-how in casino operations due to the current operation of 25 casinos worldwide, the strict scrutiny it is subject to as a government owned corporation and its connection to top music assemblies such as the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Vienna Chamber Orchestra.

“We will construct an integrated resort appealing to all with Casinos Austria International’s full support and safety and security as the top priorities,” management said.

“We will come together with Nagasaki prefecture and Kyushu’s corporations to create an area 

development plan in order to gain approval for Kyushu/Nagasaki as an integrated resort area.”

Nagasaki casino concept worth billions

The company vows to, “strive to achieve the highest level of business operations in the world, focusing first and foremost on ensuring thorough compliance and exclusion of all harmful influences, allowing absolutely no unlawfulness, bribery or corruption,” quoting credibility and sustainability as the most important aspects in achieving a Nagasaki integrated resort.

Regarding considerations for problem gambling, maintaining safety, disaster prevention, disease control and healthy youth development the proposal states, “We aim to achieve world class standards to counter these major concerns.”

It also broadly states, “In cooperations with Nagasaki companies, we aim to build a world-class integrated resort with a traditional sense of luxury that will lead to a wave of economic effects throughout the entire region.”

Based on their concept, if approved, a Nagasaki integrated resort will cost US$3.2 billion and draw up to 8.4 million annual visitors, leading to the creation of 30,000 jobs and creating an economic ripple effect of approximately US$2.9 billion.

The proposal focuses on multiple indoor facilities using modern Japan as the base concept, a European style casino designed in the Austrian style as a “grown-up social meeting place” and a luxurious foreign-run hotel as selling points.

The venture also points out: “We promote attracting customers and long stays based on a wide range of highly appealing attractions and data.”

The prefecture and Casinos Austria International Japan are now working together for national certification through the application process, which will continue until April 2022.

Casinos Austria ticked for Nagasaki 

In late August 2021, Casinos Austria officially inked its deal to develop an integrated resort in Nagasaki.

The project targets Nagasaki’s Sasebo City and the leisure region’s Huis Ten Bosch Dutch theme park.

Casinos Austria International Japan, the company’s operating subsidiary in Japan, is a group that involves global hotel giant Hyatt Group.

“We have signed a basic agreement with Casinos Austria International Japan on August 30,” an official prefecture release said.

“We will now proceed with the area development plan to be submitted for approval before April 28, 2022,” Nagasaki Governor Hodo Nakamura said.

Nagasaki is the second prefecture in Japan to confirm an integrated resort development agreement.

Also confirmed in late August 2021 was Clairvest Group’s agreement with Wakayama prefecture to establish an integrated resort.

Clairvest’s entity created for its Japan ambitions involves two other companies – French casino operator Groupe Partouche and AMSE Resorts Japan Limited.

AMSE is a unit controlled by William Weidner, a longtime casino executive who previously served as the president and chief operating officer of Las Vegas Sands.

Japan’s central government legalised up to three commercial gambling integrated resort facilities in 2018.

The country’s legislature has been since mulling over various aspects of the forthcoming industry, including the licensing process and gambling regulations.

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