Aussie firm Paltronics ships industry leading tech to the world

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Aussie firm Paltronics ships industry leading tech to the world

Gaming industry leading technology provider Paltronics has announced a new international distribution agreement.

Inside Asian Gaming reports that Paltronics Australasia is pairing up with Genesis Gaming Solutions, producer of the Bravo table game management system, that will allow it to deliver complete and proven system solutions to operators worldwide.

As part of the agreement, Paltronics Australasia will have access to Genesis Gaming’s RFID and sensor technology, as well as its complete system product suite, including pit, poker and cage management solutions currently utilised by some of the most prominent casino resorts in North America.

“The resulting products and functionalities from this distribution agreement fall in line with Paltronics Australasia’s master plan to deliver a complete gaming enterprise portfolio of solutions and services,” Paltronic Australasia managing director Terri Cooper said.

The company said the new agreement creates a mutually beneficial relationship that builds further on the company’s successful track record, extending product reach through global distribution that encompasses sales, ongoing service and support.

“We are looking forward to expanding our footprint and working closely with Paltronics Australasia to deliver our best of class casino enterprise solutions to customers worldwide,” senior vice president of products and services for Genesis Gaming Solutions Lamar Hutcherson said.

“We have seen a significant shift and uptick in demand for comprehensive and integrated solutions that connect the entire gaming floor.

“Our technology coupled with Paltronics Australasia’s global network and capabilities will help bridge the gap, satisfying demand from international casinos of all sizes as they look to integrate the latest technology that delivers direct value to operations.”

Technology use ramps up in SA

The enforcement of problem gambling bans and self-exclusion via facial recognition at South Australian pubs, clubs and casinos is the work of Vix Vizion and telecoms company Cradlepoint’s technology.

The new facial recognition capability has been deployed at more than 80 per cent of South Australia’s gambling venues.

Vix Vixion’s face biometric technology works via NetCloud, connecting the facial recognition devices to a Cradlepoint router, enabling round-the-clock monitoring.

The scheme involves a government-managed list of excluded people, so on-device face recognition is not appropriate.

“We had several critical capabilities that our wireless network solution must meet to support our facial recognition devices,” Vix Vizion Product and Channel manager Fraser Larcombe said. 

“It must be robust, bullet-proof, secure, with the ability to access each machine from anywhere. 

The Cradlepoint router automatically switches to 4G connectivity if internet connection is lost, enabling continual remote access to the device and management, as well as being able to meet state regulatory requirements.

Larcombe said having the company’s development team in Queensland makes it easy to respond quickly to customer needs.

“A staff member reported just the other day that an individual who had been placed on the exclusion list some years earlier tried to enter one of our venues and looked nothing like they did in the official file photo, but were picked up by the technology” Hurley Hotel Group and Vix Vizion customer Michelle Rowley said.

Meanwhile, gambling consultancy Crucial Compliance is enhancing its existing responsible gaming controls via its partnership with The Face Recognition Company.

FRC said it has developed an ultra-accurate facial recognition system using AI facial analysis comparisons with biometric databases for purposes of security intelligence.

The multi-view cameras are able to work even when face masks are worn and in low light conditions typically found in casinos and retail premises.

“The Face Recognition Company is at the cutting-edge of face recognition technology and we are delighted to integrate their solution into our compliance and BI platforms, allowing operators to take integrated player protection to the next level,” Crucial Compliance’s Paul Foster said.

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