Vision for Adelaide Casino to grow

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Adelaide Casino revamp set to be showcased from November 28

SkyCity Entertainment Group has outlined its plans for Adelaide casino as part of a $330 million renovation.

Asgam reports the group is eager to claim a slice of Australia’s lucrative international VIP casino segment and in a presentation published last Friday, said that cracking such a market, which had a $60 billion turnover in 2019 has been “historically challenging” for Adelaide.

Its lack of accommodation and limited gaming facilities have been the key reasons behind this difficulty, but new international VIP facilities forming part of the upgrades will position the property as “best in Group and comparable to peers” the presentation said.

SkyCity is also hoping to market Adelaide as a destination integrated resort for VIPs via “unique experiences”, such as the city’s world famous Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale wine regions and other tourist attractions including Kangaroo Island.

The company said the upgraded property will provide an “opportunity to cross-sell Adelaide to existing international VIP customers and originate new customers via an Asian sales team” with its proximity to integrated resorts operated by Crown Resorts and the Star Entertainment Group in Melbourne and Sydney seen as another positive.

Adelaide Casino is currently attracting less than one per cent of Australia’s annual VIP gaming turnover.

The expanded casino, due to open in 2021, will include a 123 room all-suite boutique hotel, restaurants, bars and cafes, function space for 750 people, a 1500 space car park and improved back-of-house facilities.

South Australia’s pokies could soon take banknotes

Members of the South Australian government are facing criticism for one of its proposed gambling reforms.

Players will be able to use banknotes in pokies instead of coins, if proposals are accepted.

Casino Aus reported in October that there are several parts of the proposal, wrapped in a package of reforms.

They are being introduced to the South Australian state parliament this week.

The most controversial thus far has been one that will allow pokies to accept banknotes instead of coins.

Another change is the opening of gaming machines on Christmas Day and Good Friday, holidays that were previously restricted with regard to gambling.

Lawmakers also want to remove the statutory objective of reducing the number of gaming machines in South Australia, instead putting in place a maximum number.

Clubs would also see the loosening of some of the requirements they now face.

For example, clubs would be able to merge together more easily, transfer gaming machines without as much red tape.

Lawmakers feel that this will also help reduce the number of clubs with machines.

According to Attorney General Vickie Champan, per ABC Radio Adelaide, there will also be new “harm minimisation measures” included in the reforms.

This will include immediate barring orders for patrons.

Any money won by those patrons would be seized by the establishment and given to a gambling rehabilitation fund established by the state.

All in all, Chapman believes the reforms will be helpful to all.

“Through these changes, we’re looking to maintain support for our vibrant hospitality sector, while ensuring there’s help available to those who are at risk,” she said.

Chapman claimed that the reason behind the banknote proposal is to put South Australia in line with other states and New Zealand, which do permit using banknotes in pokies instead of coins.

She also said it will update the pokies to be more technologically advanced and better synchronized with interstate norms.

Journalists uncovered interesting information about another possible motive for the reforms.

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