Riverina man becomes instant millionaire

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Riverina man becomes instant millionaire

A Riverina man in country New South Wales foreshadowed his million dollar lotto win, convincing himself that he’d picked the winning numbers on his Monday and Wednesday lotto ticket.

The Lott reports that the Wagga Wagga resident in fact held the only division one winning entry in Monday and Wednesday lotto draw 4119, taking home the entire $1 million division one prize.

An official from The Lott rang the Riverina grandfather to share the life changing news.

“Oh my god,” he happily yelled.

“Is this real? Are you being serious?

“I just thought to check my entry about five minutes before you called. When I opened The Lott app, I thought to myself, ‘I think I’ve won!’.

“On Tuesday night, I went to purchase my entry and I said to myself, ‘I’m going to pick the winning numbers’. I guess I did!

“This is amazing. Absolutely life changing.”

When asked how he’d enjoy his million-dollar prize, the stoked bloke knew exactly what he’d do.

“The money will go towards paying off the house mortgage for sure. That’s plan A,” he said.

“I’d like to give some money to the kids as well and take the family out to dinner to celebrate. They’ll be over the moon.

“We’ll be planning a holiday for the future. Perhaps a trip to Vanuatu would be nice!”

His marked System 8 entry was purchased online.

So far in 2021, there have been three division one winning entries in the Riverina region, collectively taking home more than $4.42 million in prize money.

The winning numbers of this draw were 19, 8, 33, 39, 4, 37, while the supplementary numbers were 6 and 9.

The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 347 customers this calendar year, including 101 won by New South Wales lotteries customers.

In the 12 months to 30 June 2021, Monday and Wednesday Lotto created 95 millionaires across Australia, collecting $101 million.

Grandfather picks up milk, lotto ticket and a $3.3 million windfall

A Victorian men held one of three division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4195 on October 2, sharing in $10 million.

His winning entry was purchased at Central Lotto, Shop 14, Central Square Shopping Centre, 1 Central Avenue, Altona Meadows, the third division one winning entry the venue was sold this year.

While grocery shopping, the Victorian man checked his ticket and found that he had the winning numbers.

“I thought, ‘come on, you’re joking’.

“This is a big surprise!

“I’ve been playing TattsLotto for so long, it’s a great pleasure to finally win.

“I’m going to treat my family. They’re very important to me. I’ll pay off my house and then give some to my children and grandchildren.”

Central Lotto woner Bruce Zheng said he was thrilled to see another of his customers’ lottery dreams come true.

“This is another great milestone for us. We can’t wait to see more of our customers get their life-changing winnings.

“It’s not just great for the winner, but also for us and the local community.

“We would love to send our best wishes and congratulations to our winner and their family. We hope this great win helps them enjoy a wonderful life.”

The winning numbers in the TattsLotto draw 4195 were 26, 13, 44, 28, 17 and 33, while the supplementary numbers were 18 and 38.

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