TAB expands its products in four Australian regions

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Bookmakers are lining up to purchase WA TAB

Gambling customers in Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the North Territory are now able to access new products following a new TAB offering in those regions.

Just Horse Racing reports that customers can now access new products, live US sport and exclusive promotions.

Some of the highlights include TAB’s Same Game Multis, flexi betting, US sports and Watch & Bet functions and extra tote products, including Big 6 and Early Quaddie.

TAB said they are able to offer the transformed betting experience having transferred customers to Tabcorp technology this week as part of the Tabcorp-Tatts merger.

Customers can now access their “new home ground” through an updated version of the app or by logging in to the website.

Tabcorp managing director of wagering and media Adam Rytenskild said: “We are pleased to have successfully completed the work to turn TAB into a new home ground for punters from today onwards.”

“These enhancements mark the start of a new era for TAB and a major milestone for our business and the teams that have made this transformation possible.

“Whether it’s taking a Same Game Multi or an Early Quaddie, watching US sport on the app or enjoying the exclusive offers that come via Venue Mode, these changes are going to transform their TAB punting experience.

“We have been investing heavily in our offering in the past year in Victoria and NSW ahead of this integration, which allows us to bring those innovations to all our customers.”

TAB closes retail outlet in Tasmania

A Tasmanian betting agency will close its brick-and-mortar outlet, in another sign that online and pub betting is the way forward.

Burnie’s TAB agency, in the state’s north, will permanently close.

A Tabcorp spokesman said the business is continually assessing its network on a commercial basis and in light of the change in customer preferences towards online wagering and wagering in social environments such as pubs and clubs, the venue will close.

“As a result of this, we make decisions on closing agencies in some areas and opening outlets in others, and that process has continued throughout the current COVID-19 shutdown,” the spokesman said.

“We are closing the Burnie TAB agency on this basis.”

Two long-serving casual workers will lose their jobs.

“We can confirm both employees will be provided with redundancy payments according to the agreement, along with career transition assistance and other support,” the spokesman said.

“Our outlets at the Beach Hotel and Burnie Club will reopen once we have approval from the Tasmanian government to resume trading.”

A state government spokesperson said TAB agencies were currently closed because of coronavirus restrictions.

“Under the staged lifting of restrictions, the reopening of the agencies remains under consideration as we regularly review the lifting of restrictions,” they said.

“Any decisions outside of the COVID-19 restrictions to permanently close an agency are a commercial matter for Tabcorp.”

It was not clear if any other TAB agencies in Tasmania were in the gun.

Roy Morgan Research has detected a strong increase in the use of betting apps.

“It is interesting to note that with the ease of betting on a phone due to the rapid growth of betting apps that over a quarter of people who have a bet now do so on a mobile phone, compared to only 5.3 per cent six years ago,” Morgan industry communications director Norman Morris said.

The Morgan report suggested the proportion of Australians aged 18 and over who gambled in an average three-month period declined from 64.7 per cent in December 2018 to 47.9 per cent in December 2018.

Morgan said there had been declines in all major types of gambling, including lottery and scratch tickets, poker machines and betting.

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