Playing lottery with a live dealer is a unique and exciting experience. It has all the suspense and exhilaration of watching a live lotto draw on TV, but you can access this real-time draw whenever you choose. Computer-generated lottery draws are fun in their way (such as super bonus bingo, ballistic bingo and keno online), but a traditional live lottery draw happening before your eyes add to the thrill of a bet.

If you’re a little sceptical of the mathematical algorithms determining which balls are drawn in traditional RNG-run online lotteries, live dealer lottery eliminates that worry, letting you play without any lingering doubt in your mind. Plus, it’s more interactive and fun.

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Best Casino to Enjoy AUD Live Dealer Lottery Online

Live dealer games are a new attraction to online casinos, but the Aussie-centric site happens to be one of the few trusted online venues which host Live Dealer Lottery.

Alongside its exclusive lottery offering, hosts real money live dealer titles for all other staple table games – baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, with live dealer Hybrid Blackjack and Keno.

The interface for G’day Casino’s Live Dealer Lottery is of the highest quality; it’s easy to navigate, play and looks great. When placing your bets, you’re given a display of the numbers and colours of balls that are drawn. It’s a nice visual representation of what you’re betting on.

Once the lottery draw has begun, you are shown your dealer on camera – a real person handling the game over a high-quality video feed. There are a mid-distance and a close-up camera, so you can watch the whole process in either format.

The combination of a computer-based interface and a real person on camera makes for engaging gameplay. As well as adding an element of fun to the game, the interface also makes the betting process transparent and easy to follow.

You know exactly what you’re betting on, what the odds for that bet are, and you can also see and examine bets you’ve already placed for that round.

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How To Play Live Dealer Lottery

To play Live Dealer Lottery at G’day Casino, real money wagers are required. You can’t play live dealer games for free or practice play, because of the added cost of hiring a real person – you’ll need a registered and AUD funded account on G’day Casino to participate. Access the Live Casino once you’ve registered an account, and then from within the lobby, access Live Lottery.

Once you’re in the game, you have time to place your bets. The lottery is drawn every three minutes so you’ll never have to wait too long to play. Six balls are randomly drawn from the lottery barrel and there are 49 balls, numbered 1 to 49. All odd-numbered balls are orange, while all even numbers are gold. There are three categories for placing bets; bets on numbers, bets on colours and bets on sums. Each category has its list of 10+ betting options with fixed odds – for example:

You can bet the first number will be more than 35 (pays 3:1)

You can bet more gold balls than orange balls will be drawn (pays 1.9:1)

You can bet that two of your selected numbers will be drawn (pays 60:1)

You can bet that the sum of all drawn balls will be less than 120 (pays 4:1)

NOTE: Currently, the maximum fixed-odds payout is 1000:1 – that all four of your selected numbers will be drawn.

If you prefer a lotto-style lottery you can also choose individual numbers you believe will or won’t be drawn.

Alongside each betting option, the odds are listed so you know exactly how much you’ll win if you’re right. From here, your dealer will spin each ball to face the camera as soon as it’s drawn and will announce the number and colour. The game will let you know if you’ve won any bets and will calculate your winnings for you, and if you want to play again, you’ve got another three minutes to place new bets before the next round begins.

Types of Live Dealer Casino Games

The amount of live dealer games has been growing over the last few years. Australian players love to play online casino games with actual live dealers. One of the perks of real money casino sites is there are no square footage limitations of how many games they can offer. Whereas brick and mortar casinos only have so much room.

This allows online casinos can quickly add games at the request of players. Besides live lottery, some of the other live dealer games include casino classics like blackjack, baccarat, online poker as well as new games like Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal and Monopoly.

Is Live Lotto Safe?

Yes, live dealer lottery at G’day Casino is fair and safe and regulated by the Curacao regulatory authority gambling industry watchdog to ensure responsible gaming. And real money transactions are protected with SSL technology. highly recommends giving Live Dealer Lottery a shot. There is no other real money game quite like it currently on the market. It gives you access to real-time, instantaneous action without having to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino, or having to wait lengthy periods for the TV Lotto. Live dealer lottery offers a great deal of flexibility in the types of bets you can place on any given round. It’s a combination of person-to-person gambling and virtual casino play that works brilliantly.

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