The above casinos all have multiple platforms which means you can play on your PC, tablet and smartphone (iOS, Android etc) with the one account at your chosen casino. Read full details about each casino we recommend by following the review links in the above table.

Depositing $100k via bank transfer or bank wire

The most popular method to deposit large amounts of cash at online casinos is via bank transfer or money wire. This means you are transferring money directly to a casino’s bank account from your own account that has the required funds. This type of transaction can take up to 48 hours to complete, but is the simplest way to deposit $100,000.

Each of our recommended casinos has an Australian bank account for just this purpose. So for instance you can deposit with Casino-Mate via a bank transfer. To begin a bank transfer you need to have signed up at the casino you wish to deposit money with. This article will use Casino-Mate’s bank transfer process as an example, most online casinos will have similar setups. We are a firm believer that if you are transferring money to an overseas account you need to be doubly careful which is why we only recommend casinos that cater for Australian players.

Step 1: To begin the deposit process at Casino-Mate follow this link and sign-up.

Step 2: Visit the banking tab which will be available in the downloadable suite and in the instant-play casino at Casino-Mate. Unfortunately at this point to begin a bank transfer it will have to be on either PC-based versions, rather than your handheld device.

Casino-Mate banking

Step 3: When you visit the ‘banking tab’ choose the Direct Bank Transfer or Local Bank Transfer option (screen pictured left).

Step 4: The next screen will display the bank details of the casino you are at and display a reference number that must be attached to the deposit. Casino-Mate’s bank is an Australian St George account.

Step 5: The finals step is to contact your bank and facilitate the transfer. You can either do this in the flesh at a branch of your bank, via telephone or on the internet. We can’t stress enough how important it is that you list the reference number given to you by the casino on the transaction. If you don’t it might lead to delays in the money being available in your account.

Depositing $100,000 at an Online Casino via Web Wallet

If you’re not familiar with a web wallet and you regularly play at online casinos this is a banking method that you should consider. A web wallet allows you instantly transfer money to an online casino. You still need to get funds into your web wallet from your bank account or credit card, but money can be transferred in multiple transactions to abide by daily limits your bank might inflict.

To have account limits high enough at a web wallet like Neteller or Skrill to deposit $100k you would have to be a VIP member and have a special agreement with the company to allow larger transfers.

The process to deposit via web wallet at online casinos is simple enough. Just visit your chosen casino’s banking section and choose Neteller or the web wallet you have and you will be prompted for an amount and your account details. You obviously will have needed to sign up at a web wallet and funded the account which can be done via a number of methods including credit card, debit card, bank transfers and many other options.

Depositing AUD $100k via Credit Card

Depositing AUD$100,000 via credit card is possible but you would need to have the deposit amount available and need a set daily limit with you bank exceeding $100,000, which is unlikely for an Australian bank.

The endorsed Royal Vegas Online Casino has no credit card limit, so this might the casino for you if you wish to deposit a large sum and have the clearance from your bank.

The process to deposit via credit card at Royal Vegas Online Casino is simple, sign up and then visit the banking section, and go to deposits where the various options are listed. Choose Credit/Debit Card and follow the prompts.

Banking Security and Personal Safety at Online Casinos

We mentioned previously that we would only ever do a bank transfer to a casino that has an Australian bank account and you probably should abide by this as well. The casinos we endorse all have this option available and have been used extensively by the staff at Australian Gambling.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to know where you are sending your money. Play at casinos that have strong reputations and have been reviewed in a positive light.

The casinos that we gamble at all use 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption for all banking transactions, which is in-line with the security the big banks use in Australia.

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