For Australian players looking to play real money casino games on mobiles or tablets, we recommend the best online casino apps.

There are also fully-fledged instant-play mobile casino platforms, which are accessible directly through our devices’ Web browsers.

Each are compatible with all data-enabled phones and tabs, which lends themselves to convenient online casino apps.

Online Casino App on Mobile

What Are Online Casino Apps?

There are two kinds of online mobile casino apps which need to be addressed in this article. These are native or market apps (those available for download), and Web or browser-based apps. These online casino apps only operate via the Internet through a browser.

Native app

The first option is a native (or market) app. This has application software designed to operate on specific smartphones, tablets and other Internet-enabled mobile devices.

Such online casino apps are primarily available through what we know today as ‘app stores’ or ‘marketplaces’.

These distribution platforms are run by global software companies of the mobile operating system (OS) such as Google Play (Android OS), Apple’s App Store (iOS), and the Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (WP OS).

These types of real money online casino applications are built slightly different for each platform like Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. This is because each brand has its own hardware specifications and configurations.

This is why Facebook on an iPhone 11 Pro operates slightly different to Facebook on a Samsung Galaxy S10. The same goes for native online mobile casino applications.

Web app

As displayed above, we can tap on any of the ‘Web Play’ buttons to be taken directly to the fully-fledged mobile site of each online casino via our browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). These sites use browser language such as HTML5, Java, JavaScript, CSS, Flash and Silverlight to power their interactive graphics. They also don’t require us to download any dedicated software. All online casino software runs via the browser.

Our mobiles and tablets obviously recognise we are accessing a real online casino app via the Web. Thus, it allows us to create our own Web apps by opening up our browser settings, and finding the option to add the current site we are on, or even the current game we are playing, to our homescreen.

These Web apps are using the same browser-supported programming as their websites, but are now acting just as a native app act. The key difference is that they are powered by an Internet browser and are not customised for any specific brand. The URL bar is done away with, allowing for more room to enjoy our favourite games, such as your favourite slot machine. Find out more about using Web apps to power mobile casinos.

Real Money Casino Apps and the Australian Law

Australian law is much more unhampered than the regulations which are present in the United States, for example. However, there are certain restrictions which do make the marketing and advertisement of online casino services to Australian residents illegal. That would be the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act. However, such regulations aren’t heavily policed on offshore companies. This is largely due to the difficulties involved in prosecuting organisations outside of our government’s jurisdiction. Thus, such operators do offer their betting services to Australians. We only endorse the licensed and regulated options. Accessing the best online casino apps on your iPhone or Android phone is 100% lawful.

Also within Australia, app distribution platforms (such as Google Play and the App Store) have pushed to remove any online casino apps from their markets.

Browse our pokies app and poker apps page for more information on how to play real money poker on the best online casino app real money.

Games at Mobile Sites and on Casino Apps

The casino sites and their apps we endorse all use top-quality software, and so, interfaces are of a similarly slick and clean design, and each site releases new casino games on a regular basis.

NOTE: Almost all our casinos offer their games in free/practice play mode and real cash mode. This is regardless of how you access them.

Casino games available for mobile customers as a whole are largely going to be less robust than those available via desktop/computer online casinos.

However, serious and rapid advancements within the mobile gaming industry, and the mobile industry as a whole, are taking place as you read this article, and so we can expect to see numerous more mobile gambling titles become available to Australians on a regular basis. You can also play many live dealer casinos on your mobile device now. It took a while for mobile technology to catch up to live casinos, but now, most sites will allow you to do so.

Free Mobile Online Gambling

Each of our mobile casino apps allow customers to trial games for free money. So, rather than downloading a separate market app for the sole purpose of practising first, and then accessing one of our real money casino apps once satisfied, you may as well begin with practicing directly through your mobile browser at any of the mobile casino sites.

These mobile casinos are constantly updating their list of games. Players have fresh casino games on a regular basis which they can test out first, without needing to install new software.

The Future of Mobile Online Casino Applications

Third-party mobile software applications have been around for a while. But with the arrival of Apple (iOS) and Android, a true revolution has taken place. Now, such software has become synonymous with smartphones and tablets. The marketing and advertising of the best online casino apps is becoming a multi-million dollar industry.

It makes sense that online casinos are taking advantage of this industry. They will continue to do so for as long as such betting software is popular. However, what is becoming even more apparent is that because the mobile internet is still in its early stages of development. It is maturing at an astonishing rate, with significant improvements and advancements to Web apps being predicted by experts.

Due to the cross-platform compatibility of Web apps (the ability to be accessed on any data-enabled device), designers and online casino companies will be keen to continue to improve these browser-formatted applications. These online casino apps use programming language such as HTML5. This technology should surpass the technology that builds native apps. We have shifted to an advanced multi-platform landscape. Since Web application software can be accessed across all different mediums, this has been predicted to be the way of the future.

So, online casino mobile gamblers who enjoy real money casino betting on casino games such as pokies, keno, blackjack, baccarat, poker, video poker and roulette should be very excited by what the future holds. That is, better quality as a result of superior software and hardware technology, and larger libraries of casino games.

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