A few short years ago, no download were relatively uncommon in the online casino world. While there were a handful of them from the early years of internet gambling, they tended to be clunky, usually based in early forms of Java, and offered only very limited selections of basic casino games.

That changed in the 21st century, as the 2000s saw the rapid introduction of Flash-based real money online casinos. These sites could offer a wider range of games, better graphics and playing features, and a generally better overall experience. These are the style of no download (also known as instant play) casinos found throughout the online gambling industry.

Top Recommended Australian No Download Casinos:

What Is A No Download Casino?

To get an idea for how a no download casino works, here is an example. Many casinos will offer you a chance to either download their casino software to your laptop, or your mobile phone, or you can simply play straight from your browser. However, many online casinos have decide to move strictly to a no download format. For example, at Joe Fortune and Wild Card City, you simply head over to your browser, type in the address (or find it in your bookmarks), and you can start playing automatically.

If you are prompted to make a choice to try playing with a no download casino, you’ll want to pick the instant play option. You’ll immediately be able to log into your account (or create one if you haven’t yet) and play for either real money or play money. The game selection will include hundreds of pokies, dozens of table games, video poker, and more. The casino is just like the one that you can download to your computer – only everything takes place right in your web browser.

It generally won’t matter what browser you choose to use; most browsers with any level of popularity can handle this style site. The key is simply to make sure that your browser is up to date to ensure that it can properly run and display the online casino software.

Why Should You Play At A No Download Casino?

No download casinos have become a popular choice for online casino players thanks to their accessibility and versatility. First of all, they’re often the best option for those players who have Macs and Linux systems. This is because most downloadable casino software packages are designed for Windows. While there are ways around this, many players find it easier to simply log into their browser and play the games online instead.

Of course, you don’t have to have a certain type of computer to play at a no download casino. Many players simply don’t like the idea of having online casino software on their computer, for a variety of reasons: perhaps they have family members (particularly children) who they do not want to see or have access to the software, or they might have concerns about the safety of such software, especially if their anti-virus program gives them a warning when they try to install it.

Finally, no download casinos give you the option of playing at a computer other than your own. With a no download casino, you might be able to place a few bets on your lunch break at work, or play a few spins on your favourite pokie at a friend or relative’s house. In these situations, it would certainly be inappropriate to install casino software on these computers, but you might be allowed to play a browser-based version.

Frequently Asked Questions About No Download Casinos

Do No Download Casinos Work On My Mobile Phone Or Tablet?

No download casinos will absolutely work on your mobile phone or tablet. In fact, they’ll work just as as they would on a desktop or a laptop. For those that want to play their favourite online pokies on the go, you should have no worries about no download casinos working on your phone or tablet.

Are All Games Available At No Download Casinos?

Most online casinos will have most, if not all, of their games available at their no download casino. And even if you don’t have all of the games available, you’ll have access to the vast majority of their gaming library. Roulette, pokies, bingo…..everything should be all there.

Is It Safe To Play At A No Download Casino?

Safety is one of the top priorities for online casinos, whether you’re playing on a laptop, desktop or mobile device. And regardless of whether you’re using downloadable software or a no download casino, the best online gaming sites will make sure that your personal and financial banking information is kept safe and sound.  

Are No Download Casinos Much Slower Than Downloadable Casinos?

No download casinos aren’t even much slower than downloadable casinos. You could argue that it is quicker to start playing because you don’t have to wait for any software to download. As far as the actual gameplay, the best online casinos have managed to improve their no download casinos to the point that it runs just as a downloadable casino would.

Do I Need A Specific Browser Or Operating System To Play A No Download Casino?

You don’t need a specific browser or operating system to play a no download casino, for the most part. It is all a matter of personal preference, and online casinos know that their players have many different options. Therefore, they have optimized their no download casinos to ensure that they run on every browser or operating system out there.

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