If you like multi-hand online blackjack and don’t mind risking your cash with an occasional side wager, BetSoft’s Super 7 title might be the game for you. And even if you have no time for bonus wagers, the basic Vegas-style rules provide a much lower house edge than you will find in any land-based Australian casino. Let us show you the ins and outs of the Super 7 format, as well as where you can play on the Internet for real money.

Best Online Casinos for Super 7 Blackjack

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Basic Rules & Conditions

Online Super Sevens 21 works much like any standard American variant, but for two key exceptions. Firstly, we have the option to take the Super 7 sidebet; and secondly, we can choose to play up to three hands simultaneously. But if we ignore these two add-ons for the time being and focus on the essentials, we see that this game is heavily based on Vegas Strip rules. This makes Super 7s easy to pick up, even for blackjack beginners, while experienced 21 players should be able to work out the correct strategy in no time.

The general gameplay conditions for the BetSoft Super 7 title are as follows:

Most of these rules are beneficial to we, the players, but there are two in particular that hurt: six decks, as opposed to the four decks used in Microgaming’s Vegas Strip Blackjack; and no resplitting, where usually we would be able to split again up to three or four hands.

All told, these conditions give us a house edge of 0.46 per cent. This figure is middle of the road when it comes to Internet blackjack – single deck games can go as low as 0.09 per cent – but it is still heaps better than most brick-and-mortar casinos these days. This is especially true in Australia, where most blackjack tables run at a house advantage of well over 0.50 per cent.

Super 7 Side Bet

The rule that gives Super 7 its name should be fairly well known to Australian blackjack players – especially those from Queensland, as this option is a mainstay at Gold Coast’s Jupiters Casino and The Treasury in Brisbane.

With this side bet, we wager on whether our hand will produce a certain number or combination of Sevens. Each winning outcome pays at fixed odds, with a maximum win of 5000 to 1 if you draw three Sevens of the same suit with your first three cards.

The Super 7 side game is completely independent of our standard blackjack bet – that is, the wagers are separate and the result of one has absolutely no effect on the other. So we can lose the hand but still win the side bet, and vice versa.

Super 7 Hand
Payout Odds
First card is a Seven 3 to 1
First two cards are both Sevens, mixed suits 50 to 1*
First two cards are both Sevens, same suit 100 to 1^
First three cards are all Sevens, mixed suits 500 to 1
First three cards are all Sevens, same suit 5000 to 1
First card is not a Seven No win

*If you decide to split Sevens of mixed suits, the payout remains 50 to 1 even if you then draw more Sevens.
^If you decide to split Sevens of the same suit, the payout remains 100 to 1 even if you then draw more Sevens.

As you can see, the Super 7 side bet gives us the potential to win huge returns without having to risk a big stake. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Alas, no – for to take this wager knocks up the house edge by a whopping 12.6 per cent, which makes Super 7 one of the worst-value blackjack side bets out there. So if you are serious about 21 and want to make your dollar go further at the tables, avoid this bet at all costs. This one is purely for the casual punter who doesn’t mind risking a buck or two in the hope of fluking a winner.

This not to say Super 7 Blackjack should be overlooked altogether – indeed, quite the contrary. The house edge of 0.46 per cent stacks up very well against most other multi-hand 21 games, which have been known favour the casino by as much as 0.59 per cent. So if you want Las Vegas blackjack rules with high expected returns and the ability to play several hands at a time, BetSoft’s Super Sevens is a very solid choice.

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