In pubs and casinos across the country, keno is a very popular game. Many Australian players have won millions of dollars in this often-overlooked casino game and now, you can play keno online in Australia from anywhere.

There’s no doubt that gambling and playing keno online for money in Australia is superior to playing at the local pub. It’s just a matter of finding an online casino where you’re comfortable playing. Our listed online casinos below have been subject to multiple reviews by our experts and are verified to be trustworthy and secure. If you’re looking for a free keno game, or to play for real money these online casinos are a good place to start.

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What is Online Keno

Keno is a lottery-themed casino game, popular among Australian punters. Like a traditional lottery game, players bet which numbers they think will win. The bets are marked on the screen and numbers are drawn using Random Number Generators (RNG). These RNG’s help ensure that the game is fair, and there is no predictable order to the numbers being drawn.

One tip for online keno is to slow down your pace — you don’t want to gamble at a speed as if you were playing pokies or other online casino games. Your casino bankroll could suffer, even if you’re playing for low stakes.

Players can find online tutorials, and most online casinos encourage Aussies to play Keno for free. Those who want to try out the gameplay at an online casino can go to one of the listed options near the top of this page. These real money online casinos offer exclusive deposit bonuses for new players. They also allow players to win real money while playing online keno and other classic casino games.

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Strategy of Online Keno

Now that you know the basics and can start playing some online Keno, let’s explore some basic game strategy.

Keno online isn’t a game of much strategic depth. Like most lottery-style games, the results are entirely up to chance. Once you’ve picked your numbers, you’ll have no impact on the game. Some players may try certain strategies when choosing numbers, but the results are arbitrary. Meaning no single combination of numbers is any more likely than another.

Unlike other lottery games, you don’t have concerns about avoiding popular numbers, like birthdays and red-letter days in history. Since keno online is played using a paytable, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the lone winner or 10 other people chose the same number combination. The payout is the same.

Playing Cold Numbers

In online keno, the numbers are selected by an RNG and this causes the numbers chosen to be truly incidental. If you are playing keno for a longer period and notice a certain number hasn’t shown up in a while. It is something worth paying attention to but playing cold numbers won’t help with any insight into which numbers to choose.

Playing Progressive Jackpots

There’s no argument that Keno is anything other than a game of chance. There is one way to improve your house odds and that is with jackpots. If you see a Keno progressive jackpot getting to an unusually large amount, the house edge is cut down. And if you are going to get lucky with keno balls, better off catching a break when the jackpot is a seven-figure payout.

Keno Payouts

In keno, payouts are correlated to the player’s original wager. They are also expressed on a “for one” basis, rather than the “to one” payouts as most casino games. This means you always lose your original wager, just like you would lose the dollar you’d spend on a lottery ticket.

In the below example, hitting one number would return half of your original wager to you, while hitting two numbers would allow you to break even by getting your original stake back. In most wagering situations, a person would need 4 or more hits to win more than they paid. For instance, if the player chooses 5 numbers, the paytable might look something like the following:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Keno

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