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While the intention of this article should be obvious to the reader, our site have no desire to be named in a lawsuit or brought in for questioning by the authorities. Therefore, I want to state my intentions in no uncertain terms.

This article is only meant for entertainment purposes, and neither the author nor the owners of the site encourage or condone cheating at casino games. Please be careful if you’re considering an attempt to cheat a land-based casino or a website.

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Types of Keno

In order to be an effective keno cheater, it helps to know the various types of games being offered. This allows you to craft the perfect scheme for winning lots of money, as well as avoiding getting caught in the process.

Please note that while the following games may differ in technology and presentation, their basic nature remains similar. Players make their wager, choose one or more numbers, and then receive a payout based on how many of their selections turn up.

Keno Drawings – The most traditional form of the game involves a physical drawing featuring numbered balls. The area where the drawing occurs is commonly known as the “keno booth,” and the method of determining numbers takes one of two forms:

– Ball Cage – The numbered balls are placed in a metal cage, spun around to ensure a random result, and then rolled into a slot for validation by an authorized individual.

– Blower – Air is forced into a hopper to ensure that the balls are properly mixed together. Each winning ball is then blown into a v-shaped tube for collection and verification.

Keno Machines – The player must deposit credits into the machine in order to get started, and the next step involves choosing a series of numbers (usually 10 to 20). The machine will then select the winning digits using a random number generator and pay out for any matches. Winners may press a button to immediately receive their prize, or they can choose to use the winnings to finance subsequent games.

Online Keno – After using their credit card to register an account, players will be able to play keno online by placing their bets and choosing a series of numbers (usually from four to 20). After the selections have been made, the online software will choose numbers at random and award players based on the number of matches. Any winnings will be automatically credited to the player’s account.

Tips for Cheating at Keno

The following section details some of the best ways to cheat at the game of keno. Most of these are entirely unrealistic, but anyone trying to trick a casino is probably prone to flights of fancy in the first place.

Remember, actually attempting any of these could result in arrest, prosecution, and incarceration. We don’t recommend cheating at keno, even if you find a way to pull off such a feat.

Keno Cheating Tips

Types of Keno Cheats

Work at the Keno Booth – This tactic worked for some employees at Blue Springs Keno in Nebraska a few years ago. After each drawing, they would set aside the last wining ball and place a single-number wager on it. Then, during the next drawing, they would make it appear as though this ball had turned up as a winner once again. They won $1000 each time they successfully pulled this trick, but they were eventually caught in the act and charged with violation of the lottery act, felony theft, and using a lottery device for cheating.

Fake Keno Tickets – Each time you play at a land-based casino, you’re given a ticket that includes the numbers you’ve selected. Once the drawing occurs, you can take this ticket back to the keno booth and collect your winnings. But what if you could find a way to create fake tickets? In the scenario, you could wait until the winning numbers are drawn and then create a receipt that matches the results you desire. If it were easy, however, you can bet that someone would have done it by now (unless, of course, they’ve never been caught).

Design the Machine – The electronic version of keno is impossible to cheat at due to the presence of a random number generator. However, this software is designed by a human, so developing an expertise in the field might allow you to obtain a job at a firm that makes electronic keno games for casinos. Once you rose to the position of programmer, you would be in a position to tamper with the machines. Perhaps you could program the device to deliver a specific 20-digit set of numbers when the machine’s buttons were pressed in a specific fashion. This might be impossible, but it’s the kind of thing that would work in a Hollywood movie.

Pull Off a Movie Caper – When handsome thieves team up in a heist film, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish. If you happen to look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney, I suggest assembling a dream team of lovable rogues to hit the keno games at some of biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

You’ll probably need an acrobat, someone who’s good at lying, a sexy female accomplice, and an older associate who’s enemies with a local Vegas casino owner. I don’t know what the plan would entail, but I’m betting it would involve comedy, a little romance, and several narrow escapes. Perhaps each keno ball could be filled with different amounts of tiny metal shavings, and then a powerful magnet could be fine-tuned to pull up specific balls during the drawing. In the end, you and your pals would get away with the loot while your nemesis would look like a fool. If you’re lucky, you might even get the girl.

As you may have noticed, learning how to cheat at keno requires a certain level of imagination. Considering the vast sums of money on the line, this shouldn’t come as a great surprise. If you’re serious about making a fortune from gambling, keno does provide the chance to win with a minimal investment. Unfortunately, the high odds against the player make games such as blackjack and video poker more reasonable options.

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