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Keno systems are everywhere on the Internet. People publish articles and blog posts about their favourite winning method. Supposed experts write e-books and sell their tips as the key to winning. Hardback books exist on Amazon which offers the same. Punters can find video how-to guides on YouTube. The people producing all this content offer the secrets to successful keno gambling.

The real secret is all of the aforementioned systems are shonky. Punters shouldn’t believe any of it, because keno is a game in which strategy plays a small role–almost no role at all. We want to provide the insight into the game which might help you pick the best locations for play. We’ll provide information on choosing the best keno provider. Then we’ll explain why all other keno tips are less than helpful.

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Location Is Everything

The house edge on a game of keno fluctuates between 4% and 30%, depending on the location where you buy a ticket. Several dozen different pay schedules exist, and they are by no means the same. Las Vegas casinos offer the best payouts, but good locations can be found online. Punters should do their research, which isn’t easy. Not all keno companies provide payout information, at least in a way that’s easy to access for the public. Search online for players’ communities and forums to get the latest information on all lottery-style games.

Do the Math

Once you select a game provider, do the math on the cost of buying spots. Some locations charge no more for 7 spots than 6 spots. This isn’t going to always be the case, but if you get a higher potential payout for the same cost, it’s one way to get ahead.

The sheer number of keno games available allows you to pick and choose the draw you play, so locate the ones which provide better prices. Remember, cost control is a big part of what separates successful businesses, people, and gamblers. The less you payout, the less you have to win to break even.

Beware International Administration Fees

Aussie keno players should be warned that shopping international online games can be expensive. Foreign sites often have administrative fees for international games. The costs can be prohibitive, making it next to impossible to play without losing a bunch of money. When you play keno beyond the borders of Australia, watch out for special fees which balloon the cost of playing.

Casinos Have the Advantage

Remember, the probable payout is much less than what you pay to play. Keno offers one of the highest house edges in the casino, which is bad for the player. You might win in the short run, but the longer you bet, the more likely it is you’ll end up losing. Each time you wager, you face odds which say you should probably lose. Those odds catch up to everyone eventually.

Gambling at a casino is like standing before a dollar dispenser which only provides $0.80 or $0.90 for every dollar you insert. Keno is more likely to be a dispenser which pays out the 80 cents, so players must be especially careful when playing this game.

High Payouts

Despite having a low payout percentage (i.e. high house edge), keno does offer high payouts. The chance of walking up, winning a big pot, and walking away a big winner is greater than some games with better odds. Those games require you to grind out small wins, but you’ll have to work at it for a while by winning 1:1 and 3:2 payouts. Keno offers bigger payoffs for those with a lot of catches.

No Strategy

One of the great keno secrets is the game requires no strategy. Certain casino games (like blackjack) offer players a chance to improve their odds by knowing a basic strategy or studying a strategy chart. That’s not the case with keno, but that’s a good thing. The payouts are dependent on luck, so anyone can play and have the same chance of winning. Most people should take that as good news.

Self-Proclaimed Experts Are Con Artists

It’s been said the best way to make a million dollars on the lottery is to write a book telling people how to make a million dollars. The same can be said about keno. If you accept the above as being true–that no strategy component exists–then the people who sell winning systems are worthless. Either they’re misinformed and simply don’t know what they’re talking about or they’re con artists. We would argue that most people who take the time to consider keno long enough to write a book about it have studied the game to some degree. Most of these people are rational enough to sound knowledgeable when they write about the game. Sounding smart and being smart aren’t always the same.

Most people writing tutorial books, how-to e-books, and keno guide articles know the games has no strategy component. They just want to sell a product, so don’t fall for their ploy. Avoid sites which use slogans like “A better method for playing keno” or “You’ll master probabilities and combinations”. Stay away from books with testimonials and blurbs like “I was a sceptic, but now my husband and I win $500 a week playing keno.” It’s easy to add such statements to an advertisement, but it’s impossible to follow through on that promise.

Online RNG Keno Tools

If you want a simple demonstration of this hokum, go to one of the several online keno number generators you can find on the Internet. These provide lucky numbers to anyone willing to click a button. As we all know, keno draws happen once every 3 minutes or so in Australia. You can get a new set of lucky number every 2 or 3 seconds, by our count. Three seconds later and you have an entirely new set of “winning numbers“.

Most of those sites are just for fun. Some are making fun of the idea of winning secrets. Others are just trying to take the guesswork out of the process for people, so they can worry about other everyday stresses. Any set of numbers generated are no more or less valid than the spots you play, so no harm. But if these numbers were lucky or provided a better chance to get many catches, they would be the same numbers each new number generation.

Reviewing Numbers Is Rubbish

Every other keno tip article suggests you should review the numbers from previous draws. This is a monumental waste of time. Don’t spend 10 seconds looking at previous wins, much less print up detailed statistical reports on them. The patterns you would find would be illusions, simple tricks played on you by your brain. It’s natural for human beings to find patterns, but trying to find a pattern in random number generation is a fool’s quest. You might as well look for numbers in the clouds overhead.

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