Acorn Pixie Online Pokies

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Acorn Pixie

A Magical Forest-Themed Pokie Where You Can Buy Bonus Features

When it comes to magical, mysterious real money online pokies, it is hard to beat the quality titles from the studios of Bally. Acorn Pixie is set deep within a magical forest. You’ll see the tiny pixie either side of the reels, with an enchanting firefly-like glow behind.

There is plenty of magic in the game-play too. Watch the reels transform when you get the main bonus feature. Acorns will gradually build a tree (and improve your wins!). With wilds appearing on any spin – sometimes in blocks – the base game stays entertaining too. Here are the highlights of the Acorn Pixie pokies:

  • Beautifully designed fantasy pokie set in a magical forest
  • Taller reels in the main bonus feature, where wild acorns help you reveal a tree
  • If you can’t wait for the bonus feature, you can buy one after any spin
  • Look out for leaves drifting over the reels, leaving 2×2 wild symbols where they land

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Extra 2×2 Wild Symbols

You can get a welcome boost in the base game with randomly appearing wilds. Leaves float down from the logo above the reels. If you look closely, you’ll see the pixie reclining in these.

When these leaves land they create a block of 4 wild symbols. These will not always connect wins – that depends on where they land. When they do combine with regular wilds and / or high paying symbols, there is plenty of big-win potential.

Regular Line Wins on the Acorn Pixie Pokies

All the higher paying symbols feature the tiny pixie in some way, while the smaller prizes come from mysterious woodland images. There are no playing cards or gemstone type fillers for this Bally pokie. Like many gambling machines of this type, the individual line wins are smaller. Your big pay-outs will come from covering a lot of the reels in the same symbol – triggering multiple hits.

Wild symbols have the highest prize, followed by a picture of a reflective looking pixie shown leaning on giant acorns. For small prizes you’ll line up brightly coloured mushrooms, ladybirds and flowers.

Acorn Pixie Classic Mysterious Pokie Design

This pokie does not stray too far from the winning formula for mysterious fantasy themes. The dark feel of the game is livened up by sparkling gold. The sound effects include giggles, ambient tinkling and then stirring music for the main bonus game.

When that bonus kicks in, animated acorns will start flying over the reels. When they leave wilds, the tree home of the pixie is slowly revealed. Symbols have a darker background and the overall look of the taller set of reels is stunning.

Small animations within the symbols is what makes Acorn Pixie stand out. Look out for the delicate insect-like wings of the pixie beating within the symbols – and the golden sparkles when you trigger wins.

Will the Acorn Pixie Pokies Plant the Seed of a Huge Bankroll?

You’ll choose this type of online pokie for a relaxing gambling session – then come back for the enchanting bonus features. With random 2×2 wilds and the 6-rows of symbols in the main bonus feature, there is plenty to keep you engaged. If you feel you have waited too long for a bonus to appear, you can choose to buy one at any time.

Mysterious forest themed pokies are common – Bally has done an excellent job with both the visuals and game-play of Acorn Pixie.

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