Arcane Reel Chaos Online Pokies

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Arcane Reel Chaos

5 Superhero Characters Do Battle in this Colourful Online Pokie

Arcane Reel Chaos has a puzzling theme. It is part X-Men influenced, though a lot more magical than that – in a steampunk way. Central to the theme of this entertaining NetEnt pokie is the battle with an evil villain. The bad guy is called ‘Deep Pockets’. There is an odd assortment of characters which are battling with him. One has two heads; another can summon flames – and so on. The online pokies is set within a ruined church, and tarot type cards appear on the slot reels.

There are a lot of different on-reel bonus features on Arcane Reel Chaos. Each one is linked to one of the 4 characters that are battling Deep Pockets. When you get the free spins, the battle is on – with each character getting a shot at defeating the bad guy. Here are the key things that make this medium variance pokie worthy of a movie franchise:

  • Magical / supernatural theme with 5 entertaining characters plus a cat
  • Random on reel bonuses can bring extra wilds and more
  • Free spins continue until the evil Deep Pockets is defeated
  • Only the higher paying character symbols appear on the reels during the main feature

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Arcane Reel Chaos: 4 Mutants with Different Powers

All the characters appear as symbols on the reels. They can also appear to the left of the reels, bringing in their unique powers to make this real money online pokie more interesting – and potentially a lot more profitable.

Here are the different features:

  • Chrono: This lady can turn back time. She uses this power to keep respinning the reels until you get a win. You will be rooting for the first spins to miss. Each 2 spins without a win sees the win multiplier (displayed on the right) go up.
  • Flame: This lady can summon fire. She uses this power to summon win multipliers of up to 10x on your wins.
  • x: This alien gentleman has two heads. Curiously, he also has a pet hairless cat, which also has two heads. When he appears, you can expect overlay wilds to appear on the reels.
  • Psyops: The final mutant is a mentalist. He will use the power of his mind to summon completely wild reels.

Combine these extras with the regular wild symbols, and you have a base game which has plenty of variety.

Battle Deep Pockets in the Free Spins Feature

Deep Pockets is the bond-style bad guy. When you get 3 orbs on reels 1, 3 and 5, you’ll get to do battle with him. This free spins game goes on until Deep Pockets is defeated, or all of the characters that do battle with him are defeated.

You’ll start with 2 cards either side of the reels. After each spin, one or the other card will ‘attack’, by shooting out points of light / fire. The hits can be followed by tally marks being removed from a box above each character. Deep Pockets often prevails, and the card showing a character disappears – only to be replaced with a new card.

This bonus has an odd feel, though it can last a long time. Your big win potential is increased, as the filler (playing card) symbols are removed for the duration of the bonus.

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