Black Widow Online Pokies

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Black Widow Online Pokies

Super Stacked Symbols and a Dangerous Lady Meet in this Classic IGT Pokie

The term Black Widow is best known as the name of a deadly spider. In the popular IGT poker machine of the same name, the Black Widow is a deadly lady. You’ll see her on the reels, holding a vial of green liquid. This is presumably the poison she uses to dispatch 3 guys, who also appear. Combine this with a sound-track that would fit with a thriller style movie, and you have an enjoyable (and sometimes tense) game!

There are some interesting elements to the game play of Black Widow. These include randomly super-stacked symbols, wilds and symbols which merge into single big pictures. You’ll find a free spins round where a special framed symbol decides on the Black Widow’s next victim!

Here are the key features to look out for:

  • 40 Win-lines with a super-stacked symbol chosen at random on every spin
  • 9 Poison bottles are needed to trigger the free spins
  • Each victim has a growing prize in the bonus feature, with the Black Widow able to unlock them all.

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How the Black Widow Super Stacks Work

Each time you spin the reels of this pokie, you’ll notice one of the symbols dominates the reels. You will see long lines of a single symbol spinning past, as well as the mixed symbols in-between.

The way this works is that one symbol gets selected at random each time you spin. This fills long lines of blanks on the reels – becoming ‘Super Stacked’. Any of the regular symbols can become the super-stacked one. When you look at the pay table you will see smaller wins than on many games for 5 of a kind wins. What happens is that the super-stacks make up to 40 wins possible on each spin. Your big prizes will come from those times you get all of the reels covered in the same symbol, rather than from single line hits.

Poison bottles can also be selected as the super-stacked symbols. These only appear on the middle 3 reels. You need to cover all 9 spots on reels 2, 3 and 4 to trigger the free spins bonus.

Free Spins with Growing Prizes

When the free spins start, you’ll notice the 3 guys from the symbols have meters above the reels. These show coin wins. There is also a framed symbol in the middle of reel 3.

You get 7 spins to start with. Each time one of the guys hits the framed symbol, the prize associated with him goes up. What you want to see is the Black Widow symbol in this position – that will unlock all the wins from the 3 guys.

Retriggers are needed to get the most from this bonus. You’ll need 9 of the poison bottles, with a maximum of 98 free spins allowed.

Black Widow Pokies: Setup and Prizes

This is a 40 win-line game with a regular 5×3 reel setup. Wild symbols, which show the Black Widow logo, have the single biggest prize. 5 of those get you 1000 coins. It is possible to get wilds as your super-stacked symbol – meaning covering all 40 win-lines with them can give you a huge prize.

The next highest paying symbol is the black widow herself. The 3 guys who are her victims are next – with playing cards decorated by murder weapons making up the smaller wins.

Chilling Design of the Black Widow Pokies

There are not many pokies which see characters on the reels killed when they create winning combinations. For the unfortunate male victims, you see the spiralling into the afterlife each time!

Overall the graphics are detailed, and the animations are more entertaining than sinister. IGT has done a great job with the artwork for the deadly lady. She would not look out of place as the villain in a Bond movie.

A smooth, jazzy soundtrack plays while you spin the reels, adding to the tense feel.

Super stacked symbols give the design an unusual feel. Most spins see one symbol dominating, though not always lining up to bring you wins. The reels are framed as if in an oil painting – with spider webs visible on the upper corners.

Should You Check out the Black Widow Pokies?

This IGT pokie is considered a classic – and for some very good reasons. It has enjoyable game-play, and a nicely produced and unique theme. Big wins will come from covering most (or even all) of the reels with the same symbol, rather than individual line hits. When you get to the free spins game, the growing prizes as victims are captured adds some extra interest. All you need is for the Black Widow to hit and those prizes are yours!

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