Candy Bars Online Pokies

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Candy Bars Online Pokies

The Perfect Pokie for Gamblers with a Sweet Tooth

When you first see Candy Bars from IGT, you’ll immediately notice that there are 4 reels. With most pokies going for either 3 or 5, this is unusual. When you start to spin the charm and quirks of this older game become apparent. There are chocolate covered reels, candy symbols with faces and distinctive personalities – and an upbeat soundtrack to keep you entertained. Candy Bars includes plenty of big win opportunities. There are 3 progressive jackpots (with an unusual way to win them), multiplier wilds and extra big prizes for covering all the reels with the same symbol.

Great Reasons to Play Candy Bars 

  • 3 Levels of progressive jackpots. Win with just one fully covered reel.
  • Multiply wins with special wild symbols or get boosts with chocolate backed wilds.
  • Win up to 25,000 coins by covering all 4 reels with the same symbol

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Snack Size, King Size and Giant Size Progressives

Above and to the right of the reels, you’ll see 3 stacked sweet jars, with progressive jackpot amounts next to them. While not in the mega-jackpots range, these sums are certainly worth winning. What is even better – winning them is about as simple as it gets with any online pokie.

You’ll sometimes see chocolate backed reels with the word ‘Progressive’ on them. These can appear on reels 2 through 4.

It only takes one of these covered reels (on reel 2) to get you the snack sized jackpot. To win the king size, you need reels 2 and 3 covered, and the biggest – Giant sized – prize is yours by covering reels 2, 3 and 4 from the same spin.

Candy Bars Pokies: Two Types of Wild Multiplier

Sometimes you’ll see the chocolate background to the reels with regular candy symbols on top. These backgrounds only appear on the last 3 reels. These are wilds for the 3 types of candy (purple one, red and white one and green one). This means the chocolate makes the sweets substitute for each other – through not for the 7’s.

The other wilds say 2x on them inside pink and blue sweets. These only appear on reels 2 and 3. These are more useful wilds, substituting for all the symbols and doubling the wins. Note that the 2x wilds do not count towards the special ‘blackout’ prizes.

Blackout Wins on the Candy Bars Poker Machines

Covering the entire 4×4 grid with the same symbol gets you a much bigger prize than the combined line hits would suggest. These are known as ‘blackout wins’. With all symbols stacked, a blackout has the potential to drop in on any spin.

The red 7’s with a blue background have the biggest blackout prize. These are worth 25,000 coins. Next come the blue 7’s – worth 12,500 coins for the full screen. Candy and mixed 7’s covering the reels will get you 5,000 coins.

Setup and Regular Line Hits

There are 50 win-lines crossing the 4×4 grid of the reels, though you’ll spin for 75 coins instead of 50. This covers you for the jackpots and big blackout prizes. An auto-play option is offered.

Bigger wins will come when you hit several win-lines at once. The symbols are stacked, making this more common than on many pokies. Red and blue 7’s have the biggest prizes, with mixed 7’s also paying. The three types of candies have identical prizes – there are no filler symbols in this game.

Candy with Personality: Candy Bars Pokies Design

Each candy has a little personality – though the graphics and animations are fairly basic by today’s standards. My pick is the grumpy green soft candy, thought the cheerful purple one or confused red and white striped ones are also fun.

Lively music which has a touch of disco about it plays while you spin. You will also hear sound effects from the sweets when winning combinations hit. There is no drama when a blackout win is close or change in the reels for any bonus games – as everything is focused on the same reels for this game.

Should You Play the Candy Bars Pokies?

This is an endearing game from IGT, with enough personality and quirky humour to have you overlook the dated graphics. Unusually, this real money online pokie has no free spins bonus, and no second-screen action in any form. To balance this, blackout wins are possible on any spin (with some big prizes for the top symbols). You can also land those chocolate covered reels for a progressive jackpot. All-in-all, and entertaining retro pokie which is well worth a spin.

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