Cats Online Pokies

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Cats Online Pokies

Double and Single Symbols Showing the Biggest Cats Around

IGT have come up with many innovations in their long history of producing live and online pokies. Cats was one of the first pokies to use double symbols. While most of the symbols on this innovative game show a single big cat – with tigers, leopards and lions included – some show pairs. This makes it possible to hit 10 of a kind wins across the 5 win-lines. Combine this innovative game play with the quality production IGT are known for, and a classic pokie is the result. This game also has a free spins bonus round and features wild logo symbols on the reels.

Main features that make this game entertaining;

  • Split symbols make it possible to get 10 of a kind line hits
  • Wild symbols count as doubles for bigger prizes
  • Free spins bonus with 4 or more paw print symbols

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Cats Pokies: How the Double Symbol System Works

To win with the big cats, you need a minimum of 3 on a win-line. With this innovative real money online pokie, there are different ways this can be achieved.

You can get up to 5 of the single big cat symbols on one of the 30 win-lines. You can get a wild symbol plus one single from the left (wilds count as doubles). You could get several doubles in a row, giving you a 6, 8 or 10 of a kind win.

While it takes a few spins to get used to the setup the system becomes easy to follow fairly fast. Symbols showing a pair of the same big cat, and wild symbols (which show the logo) count as if they were 2 separate symbols on any win-line they are part of.

Wild symbols also count as 2, though only when they combine with the big cats. If you combine a wild symbol with a playing card, it counts as a single symbol only.

Win Up to 10 Free Spins

On the middle 3 reels, you will see paw print symbols. These will pay scatter prizes of 2x your total bet when you get 3 or more. To get the free spins, you need to hit 5 or 6 of the paw prints on the middle 3 reels.

This is made possible by having double as well as single paw prints in play. If you get 3 of the doubles (6 total) you get 10 free spins. If you get 2 doubles and 1 single, that is 5 free spins. This free spins bonus can’t be retriggered – though is a great opportunity to line up many of the double cat symbols for some bigger wins. The reels are 3x ‘richer’ during the free spins game, with more cat symbols, wilds and a higher proportion of doubles.

Setup of IGT’s Cats Pokies

This pokie uses a 5 reel, 3-row setup with 30 win-lines. Those win-lines are non-adjustable, so you only need to decide on your coin size before spinning the reels. Bets start at just 30c a spin.

Wild symbols show the distinctive logo and have the highest prize. Line up 5 of these on a win-line and you’ll receive 10,000 coins.

Cat symbols have prizes listed up to 10 of a kind. If you get 10 of the panther symbols, you’ll receive 2500 coins, with the lions, tigers, leopards and cougars paying 1000 for the maximum 10.

Playing card symbols do not follow the split symbol system. Wins for those top out at the usual 5 of a kind.

Detailed Cats Pokies Designed

This pokie has stunning artwork – with he pictures of the big cats created in a lot of detail. Around the reels you’ll see the beige grass of the African plains, with an amazing orange sunset. All the pictures are done in portrait style. When you see the doubles, one cat will be in the foreground while another looks at you from behind.

There are plenty of roars when you get wins, and classic electronic pokie sounds when you spin the reels. This pokie is limited with animations. There is a silhouetted big cat walking when you hit a big win, though that is about it!

Will the Cats Pokies from IGT Double Your Stake?

Split symbols are more common these days – though when Cats first hit online casinos, this was a new and fresh idea. As you’d expect from IGT, the production and artwork for this pokie are top quality. With wins of up to 10 of a kind only ever a spin away, Cats has plenty of potential for bigger pay outs. When the free spins kick in, you’ll feel like king of the jungle. Richer reels mean that win after win could easily be coming your way.

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