Champion Raceway Online Pokies

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Champion Raceway Online Pokies

An Online Pokie with a Horse Racing Feature Above the Reels

Champion Raceway divides the screen into two distinct parts. On the bottom is a 3-reel traditional online pokie, showing fruit symbols and designed to look like the electro-mechanical games of old. Above this you will see a line of horses, looking like an arcade game from the 1950’s. Together they make for an entertaining game, where the results of your spins see the horses move towards the finishing line.

Which horse wins makes a big difference to your returns. Two of them will get you a free spins bonus with added multipliers. The remaining 3 will get you jackpot prizes. Back on the reels you’ll find special 3x rosettes, which can work together to give you big wins.

Here are the highlights of this interesting pokie:

  • Progressive Horse Race: Coloured rosettes on the reels move horses forward
  • Victory Lap Free Spins: Win 5 or 10 free spins with multipliers up to 13x
  • 3 Jackpots: Win prizes with green, red or yellow horse victories
  • Wild Multipliers: Get a multiplier of up to 9x on your wins

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How the Champion Raceway Horse Race Works

Moving the horses towards the finish line is based on collecting rosettes which match their colour in the base game. These don’t need to be part of a winning combination, they will come randomly attached to symbols while you spin the reels.

Each time you see a coloured rosette, that horse moves forward one spot. Sometimes a horse will be way out in front, other times there will be 3 or 4 almost level. Things certainly get exciting as you approach the finish. There are 3 outcomes.

The blue and pink horses get you ‘victory lap’ free spins. You get 5 for the pink horse, and 10 for the blue one.

The yellow, red and green horses get you up to 30x your total bet amount as a mini jackpot. Note that the horses will reset if you increase your bet size.

Victory Lap Free Spins

These free spins come with multipliers which increase as you go.

If you get the 5 free spins with the pink horse, spins 1 and 2 have a 2x to 5x multiplier, spins 3 and 4 get 4x to 7x and the final spin has a 6x to 10x multiplier. The 10 spins with the blue horse are even better. Here the final two spins have a 10x to 13x multiplier. This would be the perfect time to get the 3x wilds lined up on a win-line!

The horse race does not continue during your free spins and you start again once they are over.

Champion Raceway Pokies Multiplier Wilds

Wild symbols are golden with 3x written on them. These substitute for the fruit symbols and will triple any wins that a single one becomes a part of. If you get two wilds and a single fruit on a win-line, you will receive 9x the prize listed.

The biggest single prize comes if you line up 3 of these special wilds on a win-line. This gives you 10,000 coins.

Setup of the Champion Raceway Pokies

You’ll find 5 win-lines for this game, covering a very traditional 3-reel setup. You can switch your coin size from 5c per line and up.

The regular winning symbols are all traditional fruits used on pokies for generations. The best prizes come from melons (100 coins for 3), oranges (75) and plums (30). You will also find grapes and lemons on the reels. Any 3 mixed fruits on a win-lines pays 3x your line bet – this is the most common prize. It is possible to win on more than one win-line on each spin.

Retro Arcade Design

IGT has made a big effort to recreate the retro real money online pokies feel with this game. The slight wobble of the reels while they spin and mechanical sound effects are very convincing. Symbols are plain and bright, making it easy to spot wins – and the rosettes are also clearly displayed.

Above the reels the horse race shows horses on sticks, with the jockeys wearing distinct bold coloured jerseys. Each horse moves along with a clunk, giving a distinctive impression of a mechanical game.

Should You Bet on the Champion Raceway?

I recommend you ignore your first impressions and give this pokie a spin. The mechanical reel action is fast and easy to follow – though the horse race is the reason to spin. This starts off as a curiosity, then gets more and more intensive as you near the finishing line. With 30x your total bet, or 10 big free spins available, the stakes are high. Get the right horse winning and you could be getting free spins with multipliers going up to 13x on any win!

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