Dragon Spin Online Pokies

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Dragon Spin

A Spectacular Asian Dragon Themed Pokie with Unique Bonus Games

Dragon Spin is designed to catch your eye, even on the crowded floors of live casinos. This pokie comes in circular carousels or groups of up to 3 machines next to each other. Above them you’ll find a strip where beautifully designed golden (Asian style) dragons fly past. Those dragons come into play when you trigger the bonus games.

Back on the reels, stacked symbols give this poker machine a fresh feel. If you play the live version, there is also a separate jackpot picks game triggered by special pearl symbols. Here are the factors which make Bally’s Dragon Spin pokies stand out:

  • Amazing Design: This game looks stunning live and online
  • 3 Bonus Games: All 3 games are unique, and involve the dragons in different scenarios
  • Progressive Jackpots: If you play live, you could land a big progressive prize
  • Mystery Stacked Symbols: Each spin sees a random symbol selected to dominate the reels

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3 Stunning Bonus Features on Dragon Spin

To trigger the bonus, you need 3 special gem symbols on the middle reels. These will land with a thud – and rattle the chair in a live casino. When you get all 3, you’ll hear the words ‘Dragon Spin’ and be told to look up at the bonus wheel.

Here are the 3 bonuses you can trigger:

  • Persisting Wilds: This bonus involves the green dragon. It will dance around above the reels, stamping its foot before each spin. This causes an effect where rubble falls over the reels, leaving behind wild symbols. You get 5 free spins, with the number of wilds increasing after each one. By the final spin, you can have serious coverage of persisting wilds on the reels – plenty of potential for big wins.
  • Raining Wilds: This bonus involves the blue dragon. It sits above the reels while a fierce thunderstorm takes place above. This rains down onto the reels, adding a lot of wilds before each spin. You get 8 spins this time. Once again, you’ll get more wilds as the bonus game progresses.
  • Reel Blast: This is my favourite of the bonuses. The reels change in dramatic style. There are now 9 rows of symbols, with the middle symbols becoming huge 3×3 blocks. You get 5 free spins, and if you line up those middle symbols with ones from reels 1 and 5 (or if you get a wild), the wins can be amazing!

Jackpot Bonus Game (Live Dragon Spin Pokies Only)

The online version I played did not have a jackpot, though the live games do. While you are spinning you will see pearls alongside some symbols at random. These create an animation where they shoot up to the big pearl which is part of the logo.

At random, this big pearl will burst open, revealing a picks game where you choose from even more pearls. The standard jackpot system of pick 3 of the same to award a prize is in play. There are 4 levels to win – including a big grand prize.

Dragon Spin Setup and Mystery Stacked Symbols

Stacked symbols make the regular 5×3 grid look different to most pokies. Each time you spin, one of the symbols will be picked to dominate the reels. It is not uncommon to have all 5 reels completely covered. This can be the higher paying dragons, the wilds or the playing card (filler) symbols.

To balance the potential for 30 wins at once, the individual hits are smaller. The dragons share the top prize.

Stunning Asian Dragon Animations

It is the artwork and animations which make this Bally pokie stand out from the many other Asian / dragon themed games. This does come across online, though for the full immersive experience, you do need to check out the live version.

Dragons steal the show, especially during the bonus games. Check out the ‘Wheel’ on top of the console, that golden dragon darting around looks amazing. While you spin a modern electronic tune, mixed with some classic Asian riffs will play. If you are in a live casino the chair will also rumble based on the action on the reels.

How Does the Dragon Spin Pokie Compare?

This is certainly not your generic Asian themed pokie. Dragon Spin has been a huge (live) hit for some great reasons. Stacked symbols mean that you can trigger up to 30 5- of a kind wins on any spin. Add 3 bonus games, each with unique game-play and spectacular graphics – plus a shot at winning progressive jackpots – and you’ll find Bally’s Dragon Spin is an immersive experience.

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