The Romance of Fire and Rain 2 Pokies

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The Romance of Fire and Rain 2 review

An Asian Love Story Played Out Over Two Giant Sets of Reels

This online pokie hits the right balance between a unique 2-reel setup and simple, engaging game play. The same two 5×8 reels are used from the Dream Rose pokie. What is new this time is the Asian theme. This romance involves a handsome prince and beautiful princess. With plenty of animations, and mega symbols in play, it is a visual treat. There is also a sub-game, with jade jewels, which can trigger a progressive jackpot on any spin.

Reasons to Spin the Two Giant Reels

There is no doubt that the Romance of Fire and Rain 2 pokie is a unique gambling machine. There are plenty more reasons than just changing from the normal format to give it a spin. Here are the key features:

  • Two Giant Reels: You’ll spin a double set of 5×8 reels, each featuring stacked symbols.
  • Matching Symbols Go Wild: Symbols which match on the two sets, turn into wilds.
  • Mega Symbols: 3×3 giant symbols spin on the middle 3 reels.
  • Free Spins Bonus: Special pagoda symbols trigger free spins.
  • Jackpot Sub-Game: A meter in the middle of the reels can trigger a jackpot on any spin.

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Wilds, Mega Symbols and Double Reels

While the reel setup sounds complex, I found it simple to tune in and enjoy the unique game play. Symbols are stacked, often coming in long strips. Each time you spin, two sets of reels come into play. The left-hand set will stop slightly before those on the right.

You can win on either set, with those stacks meaning multi-line wins are common.

When you get symbols which match on both sets of reels, you’ll see a fiery animation. The left-hand symbols go wild, and then zoom over to the right – turning those symbols wild too. Since there are different symbol combinations on the two sets, these wilds can trigger separate wins.

Mega symbols also come into play. These are huge, each is 3 reels wide and 3 rows tall. The dream scenario is to get these in matching positions. This turns big blocks on the middle of the reels wild, enabling plenty of line wins. Mega symbols are a lot more frequent when you trigger the free spins bonus.

How to Win Free Spins

Mega symbols also come into play with the bonus feature. Here you need two special mega symbols to be entirely on the reels. These show a pagoda a night, with a warm glow of flames coming from inside.

During your spins the main characters and other higher paying symbols will become mega-stacked. You can retrigger this free spins bonus game at any time with more pagoda symbols fully on the reels.

Jade Jewels and Progressive Jackpots

Between the two giant sets of reels is an ornate meter, full of holes. Each time you spin, some of the symbols can have small jade jewels on them. These are small enough not to interfere with the main game.

These jewels fill the holes in the meter. You need 4 of them to trigger the smallest of the progressive jackpots. If you fill the whole meter with 15 jewels, you will trigger the grand jackpot. This is seeded at $1000, though can go far higher than that.

Romance of Fire and Rain: Asian Love Story Design

You will see big pictures of the prince and princess above the reels of the Helix cabinet used for this poker machine. These are accompanied by many classic Asian symbols on the reels. Mega symbols bring a new level of detail to the graphics – though most of the symbols are small (to fit into the huge reels).

Having two sets of reels gives the game-play an intensive feel. Animations are smooth and fiery. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to watch those wild symbols replicate from the left to right.

As you might expect, the Romance of Fire and Rain has a romantic sound track. This is distinctly Asian in style, with plenty of string instruments. Things get dramatic when you trigger the free spins bonus, when the track switches.

Will You Fall for the Romance of Fire and Rain Pokie?

There is a lot more than this gambling machine than a simple extra reel. It is packed with features – and has smooth game-play and animations.

Wilds seem confusing at first, especially if you get several on a single spin. Once you tune in, the combination of mega symbols, wilds and the jackpot collection meter falls into place. When you hit the free spins games, and the mega symbols increase, your potential for big wins with multiple wild reels will shoot up.

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