Harley Davidson Freedom Tour Pokies

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Rev Up Your Pokie Sessions with this Harley Davidson Licensed Game

You’ll spin over the scene of an open road, blurred at the sides as if you are travelling at 100 miles an hour. Harley Davidson Freedom Tour can be enjoyed online. This is a different pokie to the popular land-based casino game – which is simply called ‘Harley Davidson’. There is rock guitar music, the revving of engines and classic bikes on the reels as the higher paying symbols.

This pokie has a progressive element. You’ll collect miles as you play, which unlock bonus features via a map. Your bonuses will be awarded via a wheel (the front wheel of a Harley of course!), and random on-reel features can also be enjoyed. Here are the reasons to get your motor running:

  • Full Intensity Harley Davidson licensed design
  • Extra wilds in the base game, delivered by a Harley logoed Semi Truck
  • Earn miles for each bonus symbol, moving along a map to unlock special features
  • Spin a wheel for up to 10,000 coins (or features when unlocked)

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Collecting Miles: How the Progressive Aspects of this Pokie Work

Under the reels on the left you’ll see a small counter. Each time you hit a single bonus symbol – showing an engine – anywhere on the reels, a spark goes from that symbol to this meter. The number of miles goes up by 1 each time.

When you hit a multiple of 10 miles, a map appears. This shows a mountain / green valley scene – with spots for every 10 miles. Along the route are some chained up icons. One is for ‘Freedom free spins’, another a ‘Showroom bonus’ and the final one for maximum wins.

As these are unlocked, they appear in segments on the wheel bonus game.

Harley Davidson Freedom Tour: Wheel Bonus

You need a bonus symbol on each of reels 1, 3 and 5 to start the wheel bonus. There is a screen with a bike saying ‘rev it up’ first – then you go to a new screen where a bonus wheel has been put into the front wheel of a Harley bike.

If you have not yet unlocked any bonus features, this wheel will show coin amounts. The top one if 10,000 coins. You can also win the following features:

  • 15 Free spins, these involve richer reels, with more wilds and more of the higher paying bike symbols.
  • Showroom picks game: Pick bikes to win cash awards as if you just walked into a dealership
  • More top awards, if you unlocked this map feature, you’ll find the top prize symbol has expanded on each spin of the wheel.

There are also symbols which give you an extra spin, along with a win-multiplier (up to 5x). A custom shop bonus symbol (where payback is boosted) and a bonus trigger boost on subsequent spins.

Wild Deliveries and Pokie Setup

Harley Davidson Freedom Tour has complex features, though a simple pokie setup. There are 5 reels, with 3 rows for the bikes and accessories. 50 win-lines are used, with your smallest bet 50c.

There are regular wilds on every reel. This is the Harley Davidson logo. After some spins, you’ll see a huge Semi Truck roll over the reels, stop, and add a lot more wilds. These will appear on top of many of the bike symbols. If you are lucky, it will come back for a second delivery in the opposite direction.

Wild symbols have the biggest prize (a generous 2500 coins for 5). These are followed by the bikes. They come in 5 colours – with the yellow one paying best. No filler symbols are used this time. Smaller prizes come via helmets, keys and jackets.

Open Road Design

The reels of this gambling machine are transparent, giving you a view of the open road (flying past!) while you spin. You’ll find the classic Harley Davidson logo at the top of the reels, and the controls made to look like you are sitting on a bike.

Each time you spin, intensive rock guitar kicks in, along with the revving of engines. Idling engine sounds persist for a while between spins. The symbols are detailed, and largely static. I like the sparks for the progressive miles accumulation feature.

Should You Go on a Harley Davidson Freedom Tour?

This is a complex real money online pokie, with a lively theme that will certainly appeal to fans of biking / the open road. Unlocking features as you play longer means that this game gets better and better. If you are thinking of a short session, a different game may be better. With a picks game, custom shop bonus, free spins, expanded top prize on the bonus wheel and random wilds all available – there is no shortage of excitement on this road trip!

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