Hot Shot Progressive Online Pokies

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Hot Shot Progressive

Play Mini-Pokies Within the Reels for Jackpot Prizes

The lively feel and sound effects of this game remind me of the famous Quick Hit series from Bally. This includes brass, almost jazzy sounds and blasts of trumpets when big wins come in. Game-play wise the Hot Shot Progressives bring in a new concept. You can hit special symbols on the reels, which turn into mini-pokies. These then spin in turn, sometimes giving you small wins, and other times triggering progressive jackpots.

As you’ll see below, each of these mini-pokies has its own unique name and theme. Those jackpots grow as you move from left to right over the reels. Here are the highlights of this lively jackpot online pokie:

  • Line up bars and blazing 7’s for plenty of small wins
  • Get 3 special mini-pokies on the reels to trigger the feature
  • Each pokie spins, with progressive jackpot top prizes

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How the Mini-Pokie Bonus Feature Works

Above each reel you will see the name of a pokie. These have names like Double Jackpot, Blazing 7 Times Pay and Blazing 7’s. Alongside each name is a figure – showing the current progressive jackpot. These go from 2-figures (on the left) to 5-figures or higher (on the right-hand reel). Note that if you are playing the Hot Shot Progressives in a live casino, you’ll need to bet max to be in with a shot at these progressive jackpot prizes.

To trigger the bonus, you need to get at least 3 mini-pokie symbols anywhere on the reels. It is possible to get 2 or 3 of the same ones on a single reel. You can get 3 different ones on different reels too. What you’ll want to see is as many over to the right as possible, as this is where the wins are potentially the biggest.

These games then pop-up one by one. A full pay table goes with each and the 3 reels spin.

Prizes and Symbols for the Hot Shot Progressive Pokie Games

Here is a summary of how each of the 5 mini-pokies works – along with the key symbols and top prizes.

  • Blazing 7’s: Top prize is around $20 for 3 of the blazing triple 7’s. Single and double 7’s and black jackpot symbols (some with 5’s) award smaller prizes.
  • 777 Diamond Line: Top prize is around $100 for 3 of the single flaming 7’s. Regular 7’s and bars – including any 3 mixed – give you smaller prizes.
  • Double Jackpot: Top prize is around $200 for 3 of the double jackpot symbols. Triple 7’s also have a big prize. Mixed 7’s pay a consolation prize.
  • Triple Jackpot: Top prize bumped up to around $2000 for 3 of the special Triple Jackpot symbols. Prizes for the different 7’s or any 3 mixed.
  • Blazing Seven Times Pay: This is the biggest jackpot, seeded at $20,000, 3 Blazing 7x Pay symbols will get you this big prize. There are prizes all the way down to $2 (for single cherries).

You could be accumulating a lot of wins from each bonus with some luck. Do keep in mind that on some bonuses, all of the mini-pokies will miss! This is more than made up for by those times you are lucky enough to hit one of the progressives from the right-hand reels.

Hot Shot Progressive Base Game

There is plenty of big win potential in the base game. This uses a 40 win-line setup, over a regular 5×3 set of reels. 7’s pay the best, with the flaming triple 7’s worth a full 100x your bet for every 5 of a kind. Regular triple 7’s and mixed 7’s also generate larger wins.

Smaller wins come from some classic real money online pokie symbols. These include bars (including mixed), gold bells and dollar signs. There are no wild symbols or scatters in the Hot Shot Progressives – this game is all about those mini-pokies!

Lively In-Your-Face Design

This is a lively pokie, which is full of sound effects and animations. If you are thinking of a relaxing pokie session, this might not be the best game to choose. The overall look is clean and fresh, with sparkles and jumping symbols at every opportunity.

When the mini-pokies appear, things are fast and furious. Sometimes you’ll have 5+ in a row, which means each one needs to complete it’s spin in a few seconds to make the bonus work. If you are playing the online version, it is hard to tell the symbols on these small games apart.

Should You Check Out the Hot Shot Progressives from Bally?

If you enjoy lively games like the Quick Hits, then the intensity of the Hot Shot Progressive pokies is sure to appeal. This game has one key feature, the small pokies which appear on the reels. Get 3+ on any spin, and you could be spinning a pokie within a pokie for a show at some big jackpot prizes.

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