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Lightning Jackpots

Sparks Will Fly With this Energetic Game Based on the Mini-Pokies Concept

Bally have taken a winning idea first introduced in their Hot Shot pokies – and made a new and intense game from it. Lightning Jackpots pokies are unmissable on the casino floor. The cabinet towers above you with 15 different ‘mini-pokies’ listed above the reels. With electrical sparks flying all over the place while you spin, the game-play feels intense too.

You’ll win big by playing the mini-pokies. Each one has a jackpot. These get progressively bigger as you reach the top of the cabinet. There are also special wilds on the reels, which have sparks coming from them – sometimes producing wins from nowhere. Here are the reasons to check out the Lightning Jackpots pokies:

  • Imposing tall cabinet with stunning electrical animations
  • Spin up to 15 mini-pokies via the main bonus feature
  • Win progressive jackpots, one is assigned to each space on the reels
  • Special wild symbols which can zap you some extra base game wins!

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Mini-Pokies Feature on the Lightning Jackpots

The original format for games where you see pokies within the main set of reels, simply had them land on the reels and spin there. Lightning Jackpots takes these mini-games and puts them in a long line, towering above the reels.

On the reels you will see a progressive jackpot amount above each space. The reels are in a 5×3 grid, leaving 15 numbers in total. These relate to the maximum you can win from each mini-pokie. The ones at the top of the cabinet (bottom right of the reels) have the largest prizes.

To trigger this bonus, you simply need 3 or more pokie symbols anywhere on the reels. This will send a spectacular surge of electricity to the top of the cabinet. The pokies them come to life one at a time, starting with the lowest game on the list.

Each one grows, and a pay table based on the unique combination of symbols and win-lines appears alongside it. You will see the progressive too – along with the symbols you need to line up to win it. There are plenty of games with non-progressive wins which are worth hitting.

These all spin and disappear quickly – just as well considering you can hit up to 15 of them for any one feature!

Plasma Ball Wild Symbols

Back to the base game and there are opportunities to win big with special wilds. These show plasma balls, which crackle and sparkle on the reels. They will spin, shooting sparks in one direction at random. This then gets covered in wild symbols. This can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Your biggest wins with these special wilds will happen when you hit more than one in a spin.

Lightning Jackpots Pokie Setup

There is a 5×3 grid in use this time, with a standard 40 win-lines. The winning symbols have a somewhat steampunk feel to them. They include a clockwork / mechanical bee, 1920’s design rocket ship, kite covered in plasma and an old-fashioned power switch. These are mixed with electric versions of traditional pokie symbols such as bells.

Regular wild symbols are in play. These show plasma balls with the word ‘Wild’ on them. They will connect winning combinations and work alongside the special directional wilds.

Stunning Electrical Design

It is hard not to be impressed with the design of Lightning Jackpots. That list of mini-pokies gets narrower at the top of the cabinet, with bolts of bright light electrical current reaching up when you need to play them. The animations for these small pokies are super slick. Each one comes to life, spins, totals your win and then disappears again in a few seconds. Bally have managed to make this feel intensive, without feeling too rushed.

The regular symbols are lively too. There are small animations for most winning combinations. The mechanical bee will crawl off, the lightbulbs will flicker and the plasma effects from wilds, bottle symbols and kites are certainly worth a look. Intensive crackling sounds accompanies electronic music while you spin.

How Does Lightning Jackpots Compare to Other Mini-Pokies Games?

Only the Fireball pokies come close to the intensity of this game in this style of real money pokie. With the electrical and sparking effects, Lightning Jackpot is probably the more spectacular of the two. The base game has directional wilds, which often create multi-line wins. Of course, the line of mini-pokies above the reels is the main attraction. Each one has unique (3-reel) game-play, plus the chance of triggering a progressive jackpot. Spin the pokies at the top of the tower, and those jackpot prizes can be big!

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