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Quick Fire Flaming Jackpots review

Enjoy Four Games in One with Five Levels of Progressive Jackpots

If you enjoy all-action pokies, then Quick Fire Flaming Jackpots might just be the game for you. There are four different games in play here – Electric Boogaloo, Pharaoh’s Ransom, Golden Peach and Panda Paradise. On the screen you’ll play four reel sets at once, and players will be able to choose exactly which set up they’d like. If you want to play the same game four times, each of the four different games or even your favourite two games twice, the choice is yours. While each of the four games have their own range of symbols, the gameplay is essentially the same at each.

Reasons to Give Flaming Jackpots a Shot

Quick Fire Flaming Jackpots is a fast-paced game, high energy game with the following range of features:

• Play four sets of 5×4 reels at the same time, with complete control over the choice of the games.
• Land a five in a row win which includes the flame symbol on reel five to guarantee a progressive jackpot.
• Five progressive jackpots, with the opportunity of landing multiple jackpot pays on one spin.
• A bonus wheel on each of the games offering free spins and further jackpot opportunities.

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How to Win the Quick Fire Flaming Jackpots

The quickest and easiest way of winning one of the five progressive jackpots is in the base game. You’ll notice that some of the symbols on reel five at whichever game you are playing will also show a small flame symbol alongside. Any time you land a 5 in a row win which includes the small flame symbol you’ll be guaranteed to win one of the progressive Jackpots.

There are five progressive jackpots in all – the Mini, the Minor, the Major, the Grand and the Super. The Mini Jackpot starts at just $10 but these numbers quickly rise and when you move into the Grand and Super Jackpot range you’ll be looking at some serious four-figure wins.

Having hit that 5 in a row win, you’ll see flames move around the outside out of the reels and the upper screen will then explode into life before revealing which of the five jackpots is yours.

Being a pokie with 40 win-lines, there are opportunities of hitting more than one progressive win on a single spin. Each game features stacked wilds, making those multiple wins more likely than usual, so don’t be surprised if you have a spin where three or more jackpots all come your way!

Wheel Bonus Feature

Each of the four games features its own bonus symbol and landing three or more on any of the four reel sets will take you to the wheel bonus feature. The screen is now engulfed by a huge bonus wheel featuring 18 different segments. Whichever segment you land on, you’ll receive 10 free spins, however many of the segments also feature one of the progressive jackpots too. This is another great opportunity to grab a progressive prize.

The Four Different Base Games

Whether you decide to play Electric Boogaloo, Pharaoh’s Ransom, Golden Peach or Panda Paradise, the base games are very similar. Each game plays out on a 5×4 reel configuration and hosts a total of 40 win-lines that pay from left to right. The bonus features and the progressive pays are exactly the same. The games differ in the themes and the symbols. For example, Electric Boogaloo has a disco theme, while you’ll be taken back to ancient Egypt when playing Pharaoh’s Ransom.

Mix and Match – Quick Fire Flaming Jackpots Design

This Aristocrat design is one of the busiest looking pokies on the casino floor. With four reel sets all spinning at once, this is all-action from the get go. Keeping up with the action can be tough at first, but you’ll soon get into the swing of things. The game is played out over two screens – the reel action takes place on the lower screen, while the jackpot details and awards are displayed on the upper screen. The overall design of the game is up to you however, as you get to choose which of the themes you play and where.

Will Quick Fire Flaming Jackpots Ignite Your Bankroll?

Quick Fire Flaming Jackpots is a pokie for the action junkies out there – sometimes one set of reels simply isn’t enough! With the customisable set up, players can choose exactly what they want to play and where, while the gameplay is excellent throughout. The progressive jackpots can be won both in the base game and on the bonus wheel and these are won regularly. Will you be feeling Super at the end of a session?

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