Rocket Returns Online Pokies

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Rocket Returns

A Novel Reel Setup and 1980’s Inspired Graphics

Rocket Returns is a bit of a contradiction. While it looks like the graphics are from home computers in the 1980’s – the setup has been designed to work with the latest smartphones. Instead of a square grid, the reels are a honeycomb. This is taller than it is wide – and involves 9 hexagons. These contain some familiar online pokie symbols including 7’s and different sizes of bars.

In addition to these regular symbols, there is a wild and special rockets. They initiate a free spins game which can be easily extended. Your biggest wins come from grouping together the same symbol in touching patterns.

This pokie has an odd look – though once you start to spin, you’ll quickly discover that the game-play is very entertaining. Here is a summary of the highlights:

  • Mobile phone friendly design with a tall, thin ‘reel’ setup
  • Group 4 or more symbols together anywhere in view to trigger wins
  • Wild symbols help connect groups of symbols
  • Rockets can trigger free spins, which are easy to extend and include multiplier wilds

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How the Basic Game Play of Rocket Returns Pokies Works

From top to bottom the reels are in a 1-2-3-2-1 format. This gives you 9 6-sided hexagons in total, most of them are touching the one in the very middle (only the top and bottom ones do not).

When you click the mobile-friendly spin button, each of the hexagons shows symbols zooming past. They stop from top to bottom, making them easy to follow.

You are paid for groups of 4+ symbols which are touching in some way. The middle symbol will sometimes show a wild. This positioning makes it very valuable – it can help connect the maximum number of groups. This wild has the potential to help created more than one win from a single spin.

Prizes for all 9 of the same symbols are high. If you get 9 of the blue 7’s, you will win 250x your total bet. At times during the base game those wilds will feature a win multiplier – giving you some big win potential. You can not miss it when you do win, as fireworks shoot out from the sides of the reels, lighting up the sky and giving you glimpses of the city below.

Rocket Returns Pokies: Free Spins Bonus Games

Bonus symbols show a rocket. These only appear on the top, bottom and middle hexagons. Most of the time they will simply be in the way of other wins. If you are lucky enough to get all 3 showing in the same spin, you will win the free spins bonus game.

There are two advantages with these free spins. First, they are easily extended. You get an extra spin every time a rocket symbol appears in any of the three positions. If you get all 3 rockets in place, you win 5 extra free spins. One or two of these gets you 1 or 2 extra spins. Second, any wilds which appear during your free spins bonus will always have a multiplier – this can be up to 5x for some huge prizes.

The dream scenario is to get the blue 7’s with the wild when the 5x multiplier is in play. This would give you a huge 1250x your spin amount!

80’s Inspired Design of the Rocket Returns Pokies

When you first spin Rocket Returns, you might think you have stumbled across a truly retro game. This illusion will soon be shattered when you hit your first win. You’ll see the rockets shoot up and burst – showing very much up to date graphics work.

Those bars and 7’s have been given what was considered a high-tech look in the early days of home computing. This works well with the electronic music – which also sounds a few decades out of date. When you spin, these symbols flip over, light shines through them when they are involved in a win.

I like the Rocket Returns logo above the reels. This is rainbow coloured, with coloured sparkles constantly coming from it.

Should You Like the Fuse of the Rocket Returns Pokies?

The game play takes a few spins to get used to, though this is an enjoyable real money pokie-like game once you ‘tune in’. Don’t be fooled by the 80’s sounds and graphics – this is an up to date game designed for smartphone use. There is plenty of big win potential with those 9 of a kind hits. If you are lucky enough to get these when the wild multipliers are in play, you could be looking at a huge pay day!

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