Siberian Storm Dual Play Online Pokies

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Siberian Storm Dual Play

Two Sets of Reels: With More Than 2x the Action

The original Siberian Storm pokies were such a big hit, that IGT have now created two more. The design – a frozen wasteland inhabited by majestic tigers – remains the same. For the Dual Play version, a second set of reels has been added. This is not simply a matter of doubling your action. Instead the reels are linked, by a long middle reel.

When you combine this link with Multiway Xtra wins you end up with a massive 2880 winning combinations each time you spin. There are wild symbols, scatters and a huge free spins bonus game which increases the intensity even more.

Main features that make this game entertaining;

  • Two linked reel sets with an unusual shape
  • Choose 1440 or 2880 winning combinations for every spin for 75 or 150 coins
  • Stacked wild symbols enable huge wins
  • Free spins bonus with easy retrigger potential

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Diamond Reels with a Link: How Siberian Storm Dual Play is Set Up

On the left-hand side of your screen you will see two sets of reels. Each has a 3-4-5-4-3 diamond shaped setup. They are colour coded, with the top set having a blue hue and the bottom one a pinkish tone.

The middle reel links the two – and allows you to decide whether to play one reel set or two.

If you choose a single reel set, this will include a 10 rows high middle reel. With all-ways wins in play, those extra rows will help create many more winning combinations. This comes at the cost of 75 coins per spin and gives you 1440 winning combinations.

The more intensive choice is to play both reel sets. This means that the 10 high middle reel is active for both. You now have 2880 combinations, and a shot at wins on both sets at the same time.

Like on the original Siberian Storm, wins can go from either the left or the right. This creates wins in unexpected ways – especially as matching symbols on consecutive reels is always a win.

One advantage of the extra long middle reel is that it is easier to trigger the free spins bonus. This involves at least one tiger-eye symbol on each reel.

Siberian Storm Dual Play Free Spins

With a tiger eye symbol on each of the 5 reels, you’ll get 8 free spins. With both sets of reels in play, that middle reel helps you in two ways. First, there are 5 more spots to get one of the bonus symbols on (assuming the other reels have them!). Second, you can get more combinations of tiger eyes than for the single reeled original game.

8 free spins is the award for one combination – that is one eye on each reel. If you get 2 eyes on one of those reels, you double this to 2 combinations, or 16 free spins. Add one more to any reel and you now have 4 combinations, and so on.

The maximum number of free spins in the Dual Play version is 128 – and this can be retriggered up to 400 spins at a time!

Wild Symbols and Regular Line Hits

Wilds show a tiger from the side – and appear on the middle 3 reels. These are stacked, which gives them a shot at producing multi-line wins. It is the logo symbols which have the biggest prize. 5 of these are worth 500 coins. Tigers (orange or white) are the next best symbols, worth 200 and 150 coins.

Other symbols include jewels and ornate horns, which might have been used by Siberian hunters.

Striking Design with Complex Reels

The beauty of the original Siberian Storm was the atmospheric frozen tundra effects – along with the roars of the wild tigers. This has been kept in place for the Dual Play version, with the tiger staring at you from the side of the reels. A snowstorm is in full effect behind the reels and dramatic, almost stirring, music plays while you spin.

Having a more complex reel setup means that the spin motion is different to the original games. The top set stops first, then the bottom set with the long middle reel slightly behind the other symbols.

Is the Siberian Storm Dual Play Pokie Twice as Good?

Adding a second reel makes a big difference to this game. With that reel covering both online pokies with a 10-symbol long strip, it makes a big difference to your winning opportunities. Combined with the dramatic, atmospheric theme and those beautiful tigers – and you have a real money online pokie which is not to be missed.

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