Storm Queens Pokies Review

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Storm Queens review

Three Titles with Intensive Graphics and Mega Symbols

There are three Storm Queens pokies. These are similar in terms of game-play, and all have intensive, lively graphics. There are small differences when it comes to the free spins bonus games. The titles are Storm Queens Thunder, Ice and Flame. When you win with stacked symbols, the graphics merge into one. This creates some wonderful animated visuals, with animals being the focus of all the titles.

Why Choose the Storm Queen Pokie Machines?

Amazing graphics are always a plus, though rarely the main reason to choose a pokie. That comes down to the game-play, here is what to expect on the Storm Queen games.

  • Mega Symbols: Reels 2, 3 and 4 feature mega symbols, which can cover the entire middle area of the pokie.
  • Free Spins Games: Two titles give you 8 free spins, while the Thunder version lets you choose your stacked symbols, with the higher paying symbols having fewer free spins.
  • Wild Symbols: Wilds also come stacked on the reels, and the mega symbols can be wild too.

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How to Trigger the Free Spins Bonus Games

You’ll find an unusual way to trigger the main bonus features. Instead of needing 3 special bonus symbols, you only need one huge one. This is linked to the mega symbols. To get free spins, you need a giant jewel symbol to cover the entire area in the middle of the reels. This will give you 2x your bet, and trigger the free spins.

In Storm Queen Ice and Flame, you get 8 free spins – this can be retriggered for 8 more with another full bonus symbol. The reels become richer for your spins, with more of the giant symbols in play.

Storm Queens Thunder does things differently. Here you will go to a second screen, and have a choice of which symbol becomes super-stacked on the reels. If you choose the lower paying symbols to be stacked, you’ll get more free spins, with the highest paying (the Queen herself) only giving you 4 free spins. I like this element of strategy, and the stacked symbol you choose will dominate the reels.

How the Mega Symbols Work

When you get a stack of a single symbol on reel 1, the middle 3 reels get surrounded by flames. A sound effect kicks in, and you will see those huge mega-symbols spinning past.

The best outcome is to match up an entire mega symbol with those on reel 1. This will give you 30 4 of a kind wins, and maybe some 5 of a kind wins if you match symbols there. At this point you will see some stunning graphics. It depends which game you play, and which symbols you hit. You might see a giant 4-reel wide polar bear spring to life, or a sleek black panther.

Mega symbols will not always fall entirely onto the reels. Sometimes they will leave 1 or 2 rows covered. You can still get some reasonable wins this way – especially if you also have wild symbols (logos) on the reels.

Storm Queens Pokie Setup

This is a 30 win-line pokie, with a regular 5-reel, 3 row setup. It is a penny slot, with bets starting at just 1c per line. You’ll be able to add bet multipliers, taking the max bet to $3.

Your biggest wins will come when you cover the entire set of reels in a single symbol. In each game, a different Queen is the highest paying symbol. There is one with flaming red hair, a dark haired one and a blonde for the Ice variation.

Animals make up the rest of the higher paying symbols. These vary depending on which title you choose. The one thing they have in common is that they are drawn in a lot of detail, and have stunning animations when they win.

Playing cards (which also come stacked and in mega-symbol form) make up the smallest wins.

Lively Fantasy Design

These pokies are so lively, they verge on the intensive at times. Each has a big graphic showing the Queen on the top of the cabinet. The reels are alive with effects. These fit with the 3 themes. Think fire, storms and shards of glittering ice and you will have the idea.

Mega symbols are eye-catching, though the best is saved for the times you win with 3 or more reels at once. The giant animals are beautifully produced.

Will You Be in Your Element Playing the Storm Queen Pokies?

These games have a great balance between solid game-play, interesting features and stunning design. It will take a while to get used to the giant 3×3 symbols – though when they hit you can be looking at huge wins. Best of all, you can cover the entire grid of reels with the same symbol 30 wins on the same spin.

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