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Wacky Races

An Entertaining New Pokie Based on the 1960’s Cult Cartoon

Wacky Races was a TV cartoon produced by Hanna Barbera in the late 1960’s. Only 17 episodes were made, though they remain popular to this day. These featured characters such as Dick Dastardly and his dog Mutley – along with Penelope Pitstop. The crazy car chase scenes are bought to live in this immersive new Bally pokie.

You can play this pokie online, though for the best experience I recommend the big screen of the live version. There are 5 different bonus features, along with on-reel random features. The main features start with a classic Wacky Races car chase – which determines which bonus feature you will win. Here are the highlights:

  • Licensed pokie featuring clips, characters and symbols from the cartoon
  • Extra wilds can appear during regular play with entertaining random features
  • Watch a race to win one of 5 different bonus features, each with their own way of winning big prizes

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Wacky Races: Packed with Bonus Features

You need a special logo symbol on each of reels 1, 3 and 5 to start the main bonus. First, you see a top down view of a race-track, along with 5 cars of different sizes and designs. You’ll hear a voice over offering extra free spins if the ‘dynamic Duo’ wins.

Each race ends in a photo finish, though one car will be shown to win in the replay. The winning car determines which of the 5 bonus games you win.

Here are the different options:

  • Creepy Coupe Free Games: This game has a Halloween theme. You get up to 6 free games, which take place with these characters dancing over top of the reels. There are creepy ways to get extra wilds after each spin. Those include lightning storms, ghosts on the reels or a dragon breathing fire onto the reels.
  • Penelope Pitstop Free Games: Here you get 12 free games, and will collect special heart symbols as you spin, the more hearts you get, the more reels become locked (and wild). If you collect 12 hearts, reels 2 through 5 are all completely wild.
  • Mutley’s Scrap Yard Bonus: This is an entertaining picks game, where you choose random objects over 5 different levels. If you make it all the way to reel 5 without finding a bomb, you’ll get a multiplier which applies to the cash amount of the items you select in rounds 1 to 4.
  • Professor Pat Pending Wheel Bonus: This wheel looks like a fairground carousel. Each of the cars spinning round shows a progressive jackpot amount (from mini through to mega). You click to spin the wheel – and will win a jackpot.
  • Perfect Peter Trophy Bonus: This is the most straightforward of the bonus games. You’ll see Perfect Peter standing behind a table showing his gleaming trophies. Simply choose one to win a cash prize.

These bonus games are all entertaining, and feature intro sequences and characters from the cartoons.

Random On-Reel Features on the Wacky Races Pokies

There are more features, which occur at random while you spin. These all add wild symbols to the reels in different ways. Sometimes you’ll get enough extra wilds to see the big win message appear!

Dastardly and Mutley can appear in a plane, flying over the reels and literally shooting wilds into place. You might also find Mutley exploding a cartoon-style bomb for extra wilds. My favourite is where Dick Dastardly drops a rock off of a cliff above the reels, creating one or more completely wild reels.

Crazy Capers: Wacky Races Cartoon Design

Bally has done a brilliant job of bringing this iconic cartoon to the casino floor. If you ever watched it, memories and laughs will come flooding back. If you did not, then the characters are easy to follow – and make for a hugely entertaining game.

If you are playing the online version, the view is a little small – this game works best on the big screen of the live casino version. The race is a fun way of selecting your bonus, and there are clips and characters before and after each of the 5 games.

Will Wacky Racers See You Defeating Dastardly and Mutley?

A brilliantly put together pokie. Wacky Races recreates the mayhem and varied characters of the original cartoon – and is up there with the most entertaining casino pokies as a result. There is a serious side, plenty of ways to get extra wilds, win big jackpots and enjoy unique free spins bonus games. I’d rate this game as a must-play, especially if you remember the original cartoons!

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