There are a few tricks and hints you can use to win at pokies. Learning how to be a poker machine expert, and also how to win at pokies, requires the right combination of reading and practical experience.

This isn’t because there is a complex algorithm to learn that increases your chance of winning, but because you’ll need to sift through the bad advice and strategy to uncover any pearls of wisdom.

This page will outline some of the common bad pieces of strategic advice given out and how to increase your chances to win at pokies, or at least, extending your gameplay.

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A Beginners Guide To Winning at Online Pokies

Managing your bankroll, or the amount of money you gamble on poker machines is designed to protect your budget. Poker machines are luck-based games.

Little or no skill is involved in the way the games play out. But by applying money management tactics, you can walk away from a bad session, leave a machine once you’ve won a certain amount and have a better time on the casino floor.

No method for beating a casino’s machine games is ever going to work. The best legal way to gain some control over slot machine gambling is to use common sense bankroll management tactics.

Play when you are in a good mood for starters.

Spinning the reels when blind drunk, upset, in a bad mood or emotionally distracted will make you forget about the other rules to follow.

Pre-determine your overall budget.

This should happen before you sit in front of a game and feed money into the coin or note acceptor. Establishing how much you can afford to play means determining how much you can afford to lose.

Set both a win and a loss limit.

A winning limit is a bit trickier to establish, with more conservative gamblers stopping after they double or triple their initial stake.

If you win at pokies and hit a nice jackpot, you may end up going well above your expected winning limit and might stop playing altogether, cash out and find another activity.

Playing for free first

It is possible to play a wide selection of free pokies online. Some of the most popular games include the 5-reel and multi-pay line machines, all of which come with some sort of bonus game.

The inclusion of free spins and multipliers is common across games, allowing punters to double or even quadruple their wins. Online pokies are popular because they are convenient and offer a huge variety of gameplay.

Playing poker machines for free allows you to try the best game developers for free without risking any of your cash. It can be a good way to familiarise yourself with the gameplay, terminology and type of games.

Understanding pay lines and symbols

If you’re unfamiliar with how a poker machine works, it can be difficult to understand why some spins pay up and why others don’t. The payouts for online slot symbols depend entirely on the type of game you are playing.

Three slot machines tend to feature much simpler symbol sets – sevens, gold bars, cherries etc, which pay according to the chart beside the reels.

Modern video slots tend to feature three types of symbol: royal, characters and features.

Royals are standard poker symbols which boast no special properties. These are the least valuable icons and you require a minimum of three matches for a payout.

Characters are more valuable and are inspired by the game’s theme, taking the form of specific characters of objects. In the case of a licensed game, this could be a cartoon character, for example. You need three or more to win. Features make advanced slot games worth playing.

These include wilds, which can substitute for other symbols, multipliers which can double, triple or quadruple any line wins and scatters, which pay from any position and multiply wins by the total bet staked.

Walking away in a losing streak

Getting your emotions involved is the best way we know to burn through your money and wipe out the entertainment value of your bankroll. To that end, when you feel the first stirrings of emotion, step away from the game.

Not ready to finish gambling? That’s fine.

Go have a soda or a bite to eat, take a little walk around the casino floor, maybe even sit at a blackjack table or place a couple of roulette bets. If you start to feel better, you can go back to your poker machine.

The point here is to manage your emotions at least as well as you manage your bankroll. That is the best way to win at pokies.

Finding the RTP of a Pokie

The RTP or Return To Player percentage, of a slot machine is present on every single poker machine. The RTP is used to describe the percentage of all the wagered money on a slot machine that goes back to the player over time. For example, if you make a hundred $1 bets on a machine which the RTP is 90 per cent, you might expect to get back about $90 in wins.

Not all poker machines are created equally, though.

One example of this is the fact that the house edge is usually much larger for slot machines in physical casinos than in real money online casinos. In Las Vegas, for example, slots can’t go below a 75 per cent return to player, but most online slots will have considerably better odds than that.

The average online slot game will have a return to player of somewhere around 96 per cent. Not as good as roulette or blackjack, but considerably better than a game like keno or bingo.

There are a lot of websites that provide comprehensive lists of slot games and their respective return to players. It is as simple as typing in the name of the game as well as ‘RTP’ into a search engine and checking the result.

Anything above 97 per cent is a good return, while 96 per cent and greater is perfectly acceptable.

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Always Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses to Win at Pokies

Casino Bonuses

When it comes to poker machines and bonuses, there is plenty out there for new players.

Nobody wants to say no to free spins. They are the most rewarding bonus class – even more than the cash prizes – since they allow rounds to play at no cost, with the same opportunities and under no absurd condition that represents a limitation to bettors.

Free to play pokies continue to be an enigma for some, because they don’t understand how they work and they want to refuse the idea that the wonders that gambling promises, for once, do not remain in fantasies.

Free spins are available in all, or almost all, the slot machines of an online casino.

Whether it’s progressive jackpot slots or 3D feature, it will always be more feasible to select the one whose jackpot is more generous.

Another popular bonus for new pokies players are welcome bonuses. These are deposit bonuses made available to new players and when taken advantage of can net players thousands of dollars in free money.

Bonus Rounds

Poker machines both online and in pubs, casinos and clubs will have bonus rounds. They add an entirely new dimension to any poker machine. These are special features that include a mini-game hidden inside the poker machine.

They offer the player a chance to win big prizes, adding a lot of excitement to make sure that real money online pokies never feel dull. Players are often taken to a second screen, a feature that is only available on video pokies.

It is worth noting that older electronic and mechanical pokies found in a club can sometimes offer bonus rounds too. Bonus rounds can be revealed in several ways.

The most common is by hitting a particular combination of bonus symbols that grant access to a game. Other games offer some or all of their bonus features entirely at random.

Some bonus rounds also require players to collect points or symbols and work their way to up to access the special feature.

Before you play any online pokies game, it is a good idea to check out the bonus game offered. These will make the game truly unique and probably will influence you picking one game over another.

How To Win at Pokies FAQs

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