A Stack of Gambling DictionariesThe links on this page point toward several glossaries of gambling terms that we’ve created as a service to our readers. Most of them are geared toward a specific casino game or betting activity.

Bingo Glossary – Bingo is possibly the most popular gambling game in the entire world. Even cultures who are opposed to betting in general seem to think that bingo is okay. You can learn the language of bingo here.

Blackjack Definitions – This card game is an evergreen favorite in casinos all over the world, not just Australia. Players have their own language for this game, too, especially if they’re counting cards.

Casino Jargon -Definitions of phrases you might hear in a casino.

Keno Glossary – For a game that’s all about luck, they sure do use a lot of colorful slang to talk about it. You’ll find clear, concise explanations of what that slang means here.

Lotto Lingo – Australians love the lotto, in spite of the bewildering number of words and phrases used to describe various aspects of the game.

Poker Terms – Few games have as much jargon that needs to be explained as poker, but once you learn what the different words mean, you’ll have most of the knowledge you need to play. You won’t necessarily win just because you have an extensive poker vocabulary, but you’ll be able to play without making a fool of yourself.

Pokies Dictionary – Players new to the world of pokies might need some help figuring out what’s going on. The first step is to make sure you’re speaking both the casino’s language and the language of other players. Expand your pokies vocabulary here.

Roulette Terminology – Even a game as simple as roulette has its own lingo. You can learn most of what you need to know about playing roulette from this reference page.

Sports Betting – People who bet on sports probably know many of these already, but if you’re new and want to get into the action, this is a good place to start.

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