Bingo tips are useful to players of all skill levels, even though the game is largely based on random chance. Also known as “housie,” bingo has been thrilling players for a long time, and its roots trace back to Italy in the 16th century.

Despite the element of luck that’s present in the game. Every experienced bingo player knows to utilize several tricks and techniques to give them an advantage over the competition. Some may be more helpful than others, but each one should make the life of the player easier on some level.

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Basic Advice for Bingo

Whether you’re playing for fun or money, the bingo tactics listed below should help make your overall experience more enjoyable. I suggest finding the ones that work best for you while ignoring those that fail to make your gaming sessions more convenient.

Have Fun

I play bingo for simple enjoyment and the social aspect, and any winnings I might accumulate are just a bonus. However, some players are in it for the money, and they become frustrated or even irate when they fail to win. Unless you want to give yourself a stroke, I suggest you calm down and appreciate the simple pleasures of bingo. It’s also polite to keep your complaining to a minimum, as this can spoil the fun for those sitting near you.

Be a Good Winner

If you win, always make sure to behave appropriately. There’s nothing wrong with being excited, but you want to avoid rubbing it in the face of the other players. Otherwise, you might find yourself becoming the most unpopular person at the bingo hall.

Find Less Crowded Venues

There are only so many numbers offered on a bingo ticket. And a packed hall means that a significant portion of players will be going after many of the same digits. If you have multiple options for where to play, your best option is to find a place with less competition.

Limit Your Cards

Whether you’re playing bingo with cards or tickets, it’s wise to keep the number to a reasonable level. I’ve seen people try to play with 10 or more tickets in the past, and they always wind up being overwhelmed. I suggest limiting the number to two or three, especially if you’re a beginner.

Double-Check Your Numbers

In the heat of the game, players can sometimes mark the wrong number. That’s why it’s important to always double-check before the next number is drawn, as this will save you from possible embarrassment by preventing a “bungo” (a false bingo).

Getting Superstitious

Look around any bingo parlour and you’re sure to see people with lucky charms ranging from keychains to stuffed animals. While there’s no evidence to suggest that these items help players win, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Dab Softly

When it’s time to mark off numbers, it’s always best to be gentle with your dabber. Otherwise, you run the risk of it leaking. This might seem like common sense, but it’s one of the bingo tips than novice players overlook the most.

Multiple Dabbers

When playing pattern games like 6-4-9 or Odd/Even, I suggest using two dabbers with different colours. It may be a bit of a hassle, but it will make it much easier for the caller to verify your winning numbers. If you make a mistake on a ticket, you can also use the extra dabber to cover it up.

Bingo Tips for Beginners

While most forms of bingo strategy guides apply to all versions of the game, this section is meant to provide a few useful tips for the online casino games player.

Pick a Reputable Site

While most virtual bingo halls are legitimate, there are always a few hoping to scam their players. Before you choose a permanent gaming destination, I suggest doing a respectable amount of research to ensure that winnings will be paid on time and all transactions remain secure.

Play at the Same Location

Each online bingo site has a different look and feel, and sometimes this can influence the quality of your gaming experience. To get the most from your Internet bingo sessions, I suggest finding a favourite site and sticking with it. In addition to making friends through the chat feature, you’ll also be more familiar with the site’s unique vibe.

Take Advantage of the Perks

Traditional bingo halls are great, but online casinos offer several perks that you can’t find elsewhere. Welcome bonuses, rebuys and the chat feature are two that come to mind, although players looking for a different gaming experience are certain to find more.

Learn the Terminology

The chat feature is one of the great things about playing the game online. However, you’ll notice a lot of insider bingo lingo being thrown around, so you’ll need to learn the correct bingo rules and terminology if you want to take part.

Small Risks Equal Small Rewards

Smaller jackpots need smaller entry fees. If you can afford it, I suggest paying extra and giving yourself a chance at a more significant payday.

Look for Bonus Round Games

Some online bingo games offer bonus prizes if you mark off a specific number or manage to achieve a certain accomplishment. You should never pass up the opportunity to take part in these games, as your chance of winning special prizes is as good as any other player.

I’ve been enjoying bingo games for decades, and I still manage to pick up additional winning bingo tips from time to time. You’re never too old or too experienced to learn something new, and it’s my sincere hope that this article has been able to pass along something of value. If so, maybe you’ll think of this site the next time you stand up and yell “Bingo.”

Avoid Distractions

One of the advantages of online play is the relative calm compared to the live version of the game. I suggest taking advantage of this as much as possible, as you’d hate to overlook a winning number because of an avoidable distraction. I know some players who like to wear headphones and listen to classical music while they play online, although there may be another tactic that works better for you.

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